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Around her waist, and it's a wide shot, so you can't see but pretty positive. She was drawn with underwear. I missed that detail completely. Freak you went to that party to steal a diamond? Not Wearing underwear she was doing all those flips our wearing underwear, and all those kicks now wearing underwear. Fly a glider across the New York skyline not wearing underwear. She a freak girl. Whatever makes you happy? Girl, what are you doing? Those high kicks mattress now, wearing underwear. That's why that guy came up to talk to her. Like. Holy Shit and got span. God The shows bonkers. This episode is in saying Yeah So of course Jackal and Hyena are not going to just run away. No, they have to fight. Jackal has a fucking rocket launcher. Hit It on this roof I. Don't know but I. Bet there's a popcorn maker up there. lizzy said something about a rocket launcher. There's a rocket launcher I've never planned a diamond heist, but I don't think that a rocket launcher is a necessary piece of equipment. It sure works where this plot. It's a good thing. I packed my rocket launcher because I knew you were going to be attacked by a police helicopter. What's yeah, so? He shoots off the racket and hit the back of the helicopter that Derek is piloting and he manages a really rough. Crash landing, and but he does quite well well the reason that they don't just explode to polices because deluxe finally decides to show up any tackle. Jackal is a jackal tackle so instead of just hitting detective Dream Boat Square in the jaw with a rocket. It hits the tail that makes sense. Yeah, so just really really quickly I hit on this point again packed all their hidden knives packed to hang. Gliders packed a rocket launcher didn't beg. Priority is priority is. Like I said the helicopter land safely, and the twins just continue fighting fucking relentlessly Jesus Christ then. They pull out more knives. Where does she keep these knives on that dress well not in a band of her underpants. I don't know. Maybe she's got like one of those I whole story things, but for knives Is it a knife Ulster? Do you put knives in a holster? Belt I'm not sure what it's called. Carrier in Caves hearing engaged. Yeah, that's eloquent roles after yeah. Knives, we were talking about knives. The twins are going to straight up murder deluxe in front of two police officers like it's nothing like I'm GonNa. Stab this dude. You're cops. We don't care because we are psychopaths. Meanwhile, the first thing Jackal had said earlier in the show was I. really don't WanNa. Go to jail. Yeah, so maybe we don't do this. And yet here they are never mind. Let's just go to jail I guess none of this episode makes sense in relation to other parts of the same episode, not even talking about trying to tie it to other episodes right so they're gonNA straight up stabbed deluxe, and then they don't because dream boat steps, except for she was there the whole time, but like I never mind. We're going to leave, so they snatch up their extreme. Hang gliders, and they jump off the building, and they fall to their deaths immediately because they do not strap themselves into the hang gliders. So here's that point. I mentioned earlier in a hang glider. You have to be physically strapped into it. Because how else would you fly it? There's like a tether around your waist in the bar. You hold onto for steering. But it's like a big kite. You put on your back and then the bar you steer with. Yeah. They did not strap themselves in now. They jumped to their deaths except they didn't accept. What the again this from a person, who three minutes ago was disputing their existence, know how they fucking work more than the people that bother to draw them and write them into the show. I would say just been easy Google search, but this was one thousand, nine, hundred six. The Internet still existed fucking fire up, Netscape, navigator and search for pictures of hang gliders Oh, bt dubs. They left the fucking diamond behind. Yeah! This is mine and puts it back in his pocket. Yeah, this chip shitty diamond. That's probably all scuffed up and fucked up and it's worth nowhere near what he paid for now. But elects had a pretty funny thing to say to Dream Boat fucking smarmy prick. Let's listen real fans. Never gargoyles around you need while now lives. What does he even trying to say here? Never a giggle around when you need one is. He's saying he needed a giggle or she needed one. I mean I don't know like he was saved. No harm came to him or his diamond. She saved him from being castrated like they were going to cut his balls off probably and then like feed them to him or something because Hyena again, psychopath. Yeah, the Gargoyles weren't needed. No, they accomplish their mission on their own. The whole scene ends very weirdly when deluxe goes over to flirt with Derek and offer him a job as helicopter pilot slash bodyguard. What is Owens opposed to do? Relegated to only driving the Limo I knew this was a weird punishment. Do you think deluxe just cut? Owen Brings Derek around. He's like Oh. You're guarding my body so well, isn't he? Guarding my body so well, Owen. Look we guards me. You Watch him guard me. This is all punishment because of that one time that Owen beat him. Yes, yes, that's exactly what? He has to power play somehow God. Watching. Guard my body you little bitch. God kinky motherfucker Derek maybe being a cop is hard I mean what what's the worst you get into? Oh, you're nearly murdered, right? This is your first experience with deluxe. And, he's like it's less dangerous. That'd be a cop enable be way way more. Do not what what? Someone fired a rocket at you. Because I'm hitting him, how could you think that this is safer? Like are you fucking kidding me which to be fair? That's accurate because again like Derek Open. Your fucking is fucking is dude. You crash landed a helicopter tonight. Were you expecting to ruin? Apparently, the Newark Police departments only helicopter. Liz that's one of the scene now before we move on. There are a couple points. I wanted to hit on earlier in the scene. That were very funny to me. One are they TV stars are they mercenaries. They jewel thieves. How do these three careers overlap? Well? I mean it doesn't seem like a very good jewel-thieves. Maybe this is the first time, but the idea that we just keep adding things to their resume is nuts well. They're only TV stars. Because deluxe made them be that right? Yeah, like he hired them. To take down the Gargoyles, but gave them the front of the TV show. I have to assume that they were a TV show before the Gargoyles Shit came to be because they had that shit. At Madison Square Garden. They had a sold out live performance. Yeah, it's all very weird. It's like Oh, we need something to fill this role as well. It'd be the pack, so are they only? Only TV stars and they weren't a mercenary. I did deluxe hire them to be a group of mercenaries and then put them on TV. I don't know right. They all make it sound like they're.

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