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And they had a thick colony there and they start at the really explore and boom they found this thing buried underground and it was ellie and structure so you get to the moon you have the possibility of really exploring and maybe finding something that is not predicted uh and so in that case i all the more reason to go uh you got to get there you know i i i was once add a presentation by uh chris uh spires who's who's in charge uh of the uh opportunity and spirit rovers and i and that's right and i've heard that yeah and he thought he talked at great length about what they were accomplishing and i raised my hand and i asked tell me how how long would have taken a human geologists have been that says all we spent about what this is about now five six years ago so they only been up their five six years those rovers they won't be the ninety days but they were working already almost a half decade and he should all well what we did in the last half decade pro could have probably been done in that afternoon by a single geology tried yeah i was just so if we're really gonna fix wall these places and he them at great length we've got to be there ourselves the all the rovers landers and they all but as a doing is doing enough scouting prayer sneh pi i can't believe those rovers are still functioning yeah well i do i do about every shoot uh four weeks i do a role for update on behind the black and i've been tracking how they've been travelling we've only at the moment we have to rovers working rovers on the move on the mars spirit in opportunity rao no spears spirit a shutdown a bow five years okay they lost uh they lost communication with it opportunity is still working in opportunity were members both only supposed to last ninety days it landed in two thousand four it's now 13 stillfunctioning and then you've got curiosity which is a much more sophisticated a much larger role that one team later right came about four years ago and.

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