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Market ken rogulski wjr news thank you can wjr news time five fourteen police have arrested a man in grosse pointe shores and they suspect him of purchasing old police vehicle by auction and modifying it to make it look like a state police car the man was pulled over on lake shore ri a drive in a car that looked like a michigan state police vehicle police say the man was pulled over initially for tinted windows police discovered flashing lights hood sign the signature msp and blue paint a grosse pointe shores police lieutenant said he i saw that car a few weeks ago he saw it again and officers pulled the driver over police later discovered a switch under the dash that activated the lights which were white in front and read in the back the driver bought that vehicle at an auction making like a trooper's vehicle again is by ending it with flashing lights is illegal investigators have no evidence they say that the driver was trying to impersonate a police officer they did not find a badge or a vest in the car this car has been impounded a package of bills working its way through lansing would strengthen penalties for those who failed to report suspected abuse of children in michigan those bills would end up the those bills would up the maximum penalty for failing to report physical or sexual abuse from ninety days to one year in jail the bills would also expand the definition of just who is required to report suspected abuse currently people like trainers and coaches are not mentioned under state law but they will be under this new package of bills one of the bills what up the time period that a claim of a crime can be made all this as a result of the larry nassar scandal the bills are currently being revised in committee checking wjr sports red wings lose their seventh game in a row out west thrashed overnight steve courtney sports coming up just ahead you're with the morning news center and the most comprehensive report of local news and information on detroit radio or tv wjr news.

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