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Or New Toyota's Hyundais and Subaru's visit. Fit small dot com That's transparency you could trust. I'm Rob Stallworth. Beauty Opie Traffic Storm Team four's Lauren Ricketts. It is again looking absolutely spectacular out there Another beautiful day. You're absolutely right. Temperatures are going to continue to rise today to write into the mid seventies, 75 will be our daytime high here in the district. Now, plenty of sunshine continues a little bit of fog overnight and then sunshine back around for tomorrow. Temperatures tomorrow Low seventies. Another beautiful day. Few more clowns on Tuesday Load a mid seventies. We're dry on Tuesday, but we do have rain on Wednesday. Temperatures around 70 on Wednesday but again rain showers throughout the day. We'll keep showers in for Thursday as well. 60 right now in Washington, Manassas at 58, Gaithersburg, 68. Ashburn, 59. All right, Lauren 10 10 2. People are fighting for their lives. After two separate head on crashes in Montgomery County, one happened on New Hampshire Avenue near Crest Haven drive and involved. A car catching on fire yesterday afternoon to passengers were injured and taken to the hospital. One of them had life. Reddening injuries and the other had critical injuries. Another head on crash happened at 4 30 this morning on old Columbia Pike near must Grove Road. One person had to be cut from a car. Two others were injured. One person from that crash had life threatening injuries. The other two were taken to the hospital with serious injuries. Continuing coverage now of election. 2020 and President elect Biden is looking to put the bitterness of the election and divisiveness of recent years behind us. I pledge to be a president. Who seeks not to divide but unify. Who doesn't see Red states and blue states on Lee sees the United States.

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