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He he starts his honor newscasts at six o'clock. And so usually he pops in, and you know, we give them a hard time and see what he's up to and here all his travails. If you haven't read all about them on Facebook up until that point. But Roger hasn't been here for a while. And we need to know why. So Roger is joining us on the phone. Hello, roger. Hi Joe's meat market. What's your Bs? Oh boy. He's. I did this once already did you talk to him already? Now, this whole ordering thing. It's it's awesome. No, no, no. That's just my little thing. That's. I met ordering with you. Just. What's going on mortaring times forever? You've been you've been under the weather, which is. Specialized, which is a horrible guy. What's going on? You are always I listened. We love you. But your attention, Cody, am I wrong about this? He's getting I'm gonna drive on a blizzard covered road. I'm gonna do this. I'm going to get hospital. We like you Roger you don't have to do all this for for attention. I know you're. So so last I was fine. We could go Friday. I works. Friday night, Saturday morning. Saturday afternoon. The grand girls were at their big, citywide gymnastics meet. Ooh. And acted fantastic. Revival. Away. Cody kids, still brag about his grandma. That's a sign of a good grandfather. Right there. The youngest one took first place. No, I play place floor exercise in her age group and division. Wow. Congratulations. Yeah. And they've only been doing this for less than a year. That's very nice. All right. Still does not still unless they vaulted over you. And gave you some sort of head injury. That doesn't explain what happened to you? No, I I wasn't feeling good during the the meat. So when they were done Birchington, I came back, and I search you like I was getting a cold starting to feel a little feverish. Seaver spiked. It went from about ninety nine point five all of a sudden a couple of hours was at one to two point five c ninety nine point five. I think that's not really a fever. You get over one hundred things are getting dicey. You get over one hundred. It's time to turn to have somebody take a look at exactly well as I found out in the hospital. You're not considered to have a fever unless you've got a one a one hundred point sore. Okay. What they consider a fever. Now. Did you matter what your normal body temperature is? That's what they did. You put your thermometer on a light bulb to get over that limit. So that they would. No, I did not do a all that goofy movie is no I didn't do that. You get this. One hundred two point five vision. I remembering what happened. Four and a half years ago where we waited too long thinking that I it was just a fever, and I get over it. Sure. Where I collapsed they had to call nine one one. I think my people was above that at that point. And so this time we said, you know, let's just let's just go into the hospital. Yeah. So we get to we get to the hospital, and they admit me get their Saturday night late Saturday night, and they admit me Sunday morning. They put me on a generic antibiotics. So this is one that kind of covers most infections. Sure, but. So we'll. Yeah. To try to settle me down. So they start like poking me with needles. I still a black and blue marks some of the blood technicians. It just gave up and left and someone else came a couple of hours later. I just got them all trained out applaud that they needed the blood to put into a culture, well culture takes two to three days to grow. Okay. And they need the culture in order to analyze it to figure out exactly which antibiotic will attack it. Because I could have had any kind of infection. Sure. You know, what you want the good kind? I want. I wanted to. Yeah. You want a big infection where they're going to have to give you a China. So amounts of antibiotics to knock it out. What did they find out? It was after after you're laying there for a couple of days in their growing your cultures. I I don't know the exact part, but the exact name rather. But from what I understand one of the body crossed over into the other part of the body. And that was that good like putting your head up your butt. No, not that part is as far as the internal talks. Now, they also have to keep me under observation to make sure that didn't spread to my bloodstream right done that. Man. Oh, man. So do they do? They know why this happened. Was it the gymnastics absolutely nasty and exercise for any sort of please? William exercise for everything. It's very unhealthy. But no, they they they don't know. It's not like they went in there with a little scope of blue man group scope to wiggle around inside of me. Just see what might have happened. But and I'll never know. This is the second one. This was kind of this was the same thing that happened. A urinary tract infection. Four and a half years ago. Right after my bladder surgery, right? That sent me back into the hospital and again because I waited too long on that. I was pretty well far gone. Plus, I was still recovering from the search for sure I was in the hospital there for about fifteen days. This one four days five days three days. What are you saying? So says Sunday morning until they kicked me out Friday. Oh my gosh. That's almost six days five and a half days too, many deaths. I know. Kick-started your weight loss. Again, didn't it. Oh god. No, not really though. What were you eating sub sandwiches? No, no, peanut butter and jelly, really. I had to pit for Chile sandwiches. They were so good. So for those who are what you are home. Now, you are less demand everyday figured out what they needed to give you to take care of all this. So news is you're you will be back next week. Is that the plan is my plan? I've got a hold on. We'll pills that I will be done with by the time. You see me next week? All right. Good. Well, that's that's the long the short of it is we're glad you're we're glad you're okay. And that you'll be coming back because it's I teach you about your love for posting everything on Facebook. But that was how I found out about that. 'cause you're posting it on Facebook and Instagram ago. This can't be good. Yeah. I the TV pumps. Glad we caught it early though. This is the problem with you and me and in a lot of people where we wait too long. And yes, figure we don't have to like you said, it's a fever. I'll take some Advil or whatever and get some sleep in the fever will break. And then I'll be fine until you're not fine. Exactly until you're shivering. Sweating buckets, sweat, and when me ten blankets and wondering, why am I not feeling good? I took ask I gotta ask you this. Did you hallucinate at all? And when you did was cody's voice in your head. No cody's voice wasn't in my head. I didn't really lose weight. But I did have the weirdest 'cause I really didn't sleep in the hospital, right? Well, I mean other than that. Every two hours a week, and you up. Two Jesus out of what of the nurses, eight one night. She came in to take my my vitals. And comes in real softly because I'm blind down hill Stornoway, and I just saw an asleep and was in apparently a deep sleep which was unusual for me at that time because I wasn't sleeping. So I was in join whatever joy you can have when you're asleep. And she's coming up to me and going. Mr. Parrish, and then uses a louder voice, and I almost had a heart attack. Oh, I don't. I scared. She moved back five seats on the kitten and she was pregnant, and so I knew it wasn't a good thing for her. Don't why are you too? Are you treating listen I was. You know, you're one of those high maintenance patients. That's all right. What are the texture saying? They're blaming Matt boo. Bala for feeding you Swedish fish, and that somehow some sort of virus in use some sort of infection. And we blame boo Bala. Well, we have a week now here, I think there's probably. And somebody else wanted to know the reason you you mentioned this the reason you decided to go to the hospital this time is because last time you didn't. And so you decided it was better this time to be safe than sorry. Exactly. All right. So now, do they spoil you at home? When you're when you're sick. Because I somehow I have a feeling you're sitting in your easy chair. Just barking out orders is that accurate. Well, I'm sitting in my chair. But I'm not talking is because I have to get up and move around. Okay. I got to it's doctor's orders. And so I can still get up by I get my practice. My coffee. Get my own water Rogers. Gets his own Cody do you want to pass along and good wishes and start flipping us off because I'm talking to Roger fraudulent where would you talk to Roger? I mean, overly mean, not the usual Cody mean, I gave well wishes to Roger on the phone it back here in the booth. But it's kind of like an it's kind of like birthdays, right? Like, if you text someone happy birthday, it doesn't count unless you also write on their Facebook white. So for the Limbaugh, the official radio. Oh, yeah. For sure. And if you don't say it on the air, people go what was with Cody. They'll think I'm heartless. Roger banish. I miss you so much you're soothing voice here doing the news. I hope you I wish you will well recovery genuinely recovery, obviously unhappy you see Mike, you're you're already back on the way to here. Cody. He's really shy. I'm a millennial. I don't understand how to express. Well, listen, we really are. Glad you're doing better back at home. And we will look forward to seeing you next week here. So get your rest this week. Don't do anything dumb. Do what the doctor tells you? We will see you next week. You gotta deal. Alright. Roger we'll talk to you guys back. Roger badesch. He will be back next week. So that's good. That's good news. Because I saw I saw the techs or his his post like, oh, boy, this is not good. Because last, you know, last time, he's an is was not good. So this is pretty good news. All right. Let's do this. Then it's a four star a bowtie theater review for anesthesia that's happening after this WGN. We need to fund our neighborhood schools. Well, Chicago neighborhoods are starving..

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