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It all began of course with the Super Bowl and a year ago today. The forty niners coming off the foreign twelve season while preparing for the number two overall draft. Pick they then became the third team ever to make the super bowl immediately following a season which they had fewer than five wins. The two thousand eighteen forty niners were not good. They had the worst turnover differential the league. They don't want minus one hundred point differential weighting ear and look stats improving immensely which results in them becoming the third team to make the super bowl winning four four fewer games to prior urine so that got us to thinking if we had to bet your house. Bet Your House on a team that missed the playoffs this year. Making the Super Bowl next year Mike Tanenbaum. Which team are you better your palatial estate in Boca Raton Florida to make it to the Super Bowl? It Tax Free Florida. Yeah the Pittsburgh steelers is Ben. Rothlisberger is coming back. He's going to be thirty eight years old. But look you can still make all the throws everyone says elbow reconstruction went well and people. Don't realize is great defense. They were top five young players. T. J. Watt Devon Butch meeker fitzpatrick at every level emerging defense ben back in the playoffs. Jeremy Bet Your House which team thing that missed. The playoffs makes next year Super Bowl many my lovely Connecticut Estate Dallas Cowboys. He walks them last year. They look like a ten win team. Dak Prescott is a ten win quarterback on average forty wins in four years. And that defense underachieve there are missing late and Vansh You know this is a a defense that can be elite that they get the right pieces in place. You Run Z.. Conduct Week Division filthy. It'll be all that much better so Dallas will take advantage. Obviously the big coaching change. There is the big story. I Bet your house who you got. I'M NOT GONNA lie to you green and I'm not GonNa you bet my house on these boys but I will choose. This ICAGO. Bears the bears because they have a phenomenal defense led by young Khalil. Mack linebackers that can run defensive backs with the ball hats and on the flip. Five Mitch Trubisky. Can you get him in order. And remember this Andy Reid in his pipeline have been to two of the last three super bowls. Think Doug Peterson. Obviously Andy Reid. This Passover.

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