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For a man missing more than a week cbs sports macro she's has been covering the story we just talked to his brother nathan nathan flew in from and very emotional very very tough because there's just no answers here literally no one knows what happened to matthew shelters after he was last seen on a security camera leaving the back door grille shelters is thirty eight white six one in one hundred seventy pounds you also has a beard a group of various scientists are working to develop an efficient device to detect gas leaks greg ricker see you professor in lead developer for the team over developing the laser technology that can cover entire regions with a single device explosion last year and firestone killed two people oil and gas companies currently fly aircraft pass wells or have people driving to them to check on leaks police in westminster looking for a man possibly involved in sexual assault of a child police looking for forty four year old chad romero he's described as five foot seven or one hundred and seventy pounds police are asking for the public's help from denver to dallas do you hockey coach jim montgomery expected to be announced this week as the next head coach of the dallas stars montgomery reportedly text his painter players to let the nobody's moved to the nhl montgomery guided you to a national championship in two thousand seventeen coach the pilots for five seasons in the rockies smack the cubs eleven to two with his first pitch at a fifth inning in its hit failed and iraqis another one three quarters of the way up the grandstands in left touch of all time for trevor's story and the rockies are off today then they'll be on a new york for a weekend series that kicks off friday night our next news update coming up at four thirty i'm chad hoffman on koa newsradio eight fifty am and ninety four one fm it's going.

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