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Despite his his main event. I don't i ain't even gonna take towel i gotta. I bet there's no clear in my pride. No my because me. That makes me look better. Quit never quit. Never i'll be stopped. But i'll keep getting bbc. Enough gun stopped by all the guys who had head birds or whatever cuts. I'm like no no no no no. I'm tired of no. There's no quit. never i'll get up. I'll keep getting and this is gonna do this inc. Not you have to deal with me after the show. There's no way out credit over your rights. Anyway he got a prediction. The prediction is dank. Stank tang alma mater firefly Let me see a fun. New orleans is gonna step up. We got a caller new orleans. J mac are you available. Not be a jewish again. I don't know but he should be in the building But maybe still at work. But i right rail. That is everyone man. Wanna thank you guys. Please give out go from me information. I know you guys are starting to podcasts. From the three one. Five of the five to boxing podcasts. Out there in albuquerque man. Give out any information you want to give out plus your social media hector and surveilled. Thank you so much once again. Thank you this my social media. The are three victorious three on snapchat. Check it out a search Terrell harris on the gofundme dot com is the three one. Three two five. Oh five boxing. Podcast of nestor gives his motivated me listening to for a couple of years. Now he's motivated me to start my own podcast. And of course with the connections. That i have annoyed. Hector moyo's i feel like we can make a great platform to put on the city of albuquerque. Also the city choice so Year it will be around five thousand to get the podcast started of but anyone support five dollars two dollars. Ten dollars in Is really appreciated. And we just know push for that all right any social media. I mean i gotta give my social media by really got you can follow me on facebook. It's real airs. I don't have all right. Well chapman wanna thank you. Obviously for coming on coach. Thank you for coming on and also taking a heck. I mean taking terrell under your wing. Hopefully you could turn them pro. We get i board awards. Fighted turn pro men and be back in that career all the way along. Enjoy yourselves in in mexico members. Not all workman taking some of that. Beautiful weather yes absolutely. Thank goodness there. You have ladies and gentlemen that is terrell aka fire flame harris with his trainer. Hector moon ios. both out of albuquerque. Right now obviously is hailing from detroit. He's going to be taking on marvin. The tank firm. In december fifth border wars is going down. Steve willis celebrity ref to rail and hector. Thank you once again. We're going to go ahead and get a there there. You have it Francis man talk to us man. What do you think he definitely added. The excitement needed You know rail kinda held it back for this unguarded and i like it. I like it because you know. He obviously had a lot to get off his chest and we lit backstory between. What's going on with him and marvin. And i don't know. I feel like this is a cliche here but maybe marvin woke up a sleeping. Beast's man that's what that's exactly what it's looking like. Mark marvin looked like he woke somebody. That is big strong. hits hard and he's motivated. He probably had lackluster performance against info like he said because of the the sheer friendship that they had joe. Morocco drew my apologies. Did the no malice that they have between each other but this one has a lot of management has a lot of bad blood. There's a lot of things that were said they can't be unsaid and they're going to be used as fuel and motivation. I'm i'm excited to see him. Get down to a weight. i mean. Go seclude himself and and come out. You know what. I'm saying Ready to go. Marvin has its own motivation. Ready to go. This is a great event. Had we gotta. Celebrity esti willis man and super excited simply. Because it's like this. The first boorda was fired. A take it so serious that they go on a camp in a different country for the fire like that. That's step set up. I know marvin has to be worried about that. And that's why he even you know used that as part of his question you know what i mean. It's definitely on his mind that someone is going to be working while he's actually working nine to five so you know i just got a lot more serious but boorda was has been that december fifth is going down dallas texas. You already know. Big shot out to our sponsors adrian clarke and protect yourself. I all time. Ken do ho- and hope boxing. Whole dot boxing. Gloves undisputed boxing gear a wireless bust shop dot com big rig truck and agency for all your truck insurance needs. Hit them up at least for a free quote also who we go we go. I might have a celebrity judge. I got malling so icy sims. Also i believe in the mid west. He reached out. He wants to be a celebrity judge. You know we're working on details making sure that he's available for the day off but we're still working behind the scenes man. Listen we got a few days before sign ups a close. If you haven't done so sign up. This is going to be the best one. You don't wanna be on the outside it's going down. Gto instagram would catch us on the next which will be thursday at five thirty will be back with another unguarded with sean jones aka mission. Impossible then right back at you. Friday.

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