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Windows, High Availability, John Skeet discussed on .NET Rocks! - Event Tracing for Windows with Dina Goldshtein


In dina hold that thought right there while we take a minute to pay the bills this episode of dot net rocks is made possible in part by windows on the google cloud platform you may not know this but the guy who cloud platform supports window server two thousand eight 2012 and 2016 it also supports sequel server versions 2012 2014 in 2016 standard web an enterprise editions with high availability you can deploy your ears be done that windows apps to compute edge in or your ears beat out nedcor apsu appanage an or container engine schools hosted cuban eddie's environment dot net in dot net core library so there for all two hundred plus google dot com and cloud services in new get led by john skeet of stack overflow fame but what about visual studio integration oh it's there you can use visuals studio domenici gcp resources and deploy existing apps you get stack driver logging air reporting and tracing support for dot net and dot net core power shall command let's for gdp which run on windows and lyrics and a great set of partners to bring your windows and dot net workloads to gcp including cap gemini i knew desiccated and magentic so go to gcp dark dot net rocks dot com and get your free trial today and you're listening to done iraq's rocks this is carl franklin richard came over here with dina goldstein talking about vent tracing for windows end of things that you do and i was looking up of entry soong for windows you know in the mst and documentation and it's really a cplus plus library it is well as everything and when those rim right so you know it's a windows apia we do have rare we microsoft does have a thought that rapper for that cold trace event it's available nougat.

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