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You know. it always does to me every year. He he sells optimism. And i making the mistake of buying it. I didn't buy last year because they were just too many off the field issues too many players that we're not going to be around but i'm buying more of an issue than than i have in the past. Thank you for the call cat. Daddy is next looking good zammit. Good man you want. Quick caesars has now align themselves with the fiesta bowl you see more the gambling and institutions getting and the college football more morality play of knocking trip monday absolutely right now sports. Gambling money is funding almost every media entity And callous others. I'm talking well. I am talking about Espn because There are a lot. There's a lot of sports wagering shows on this network and there's a lot of money filtering in but it but it is an enormous amount of money that is happening. And whether you whether you agree or disagree it's here and it's going to be part of the future. I have a lot of friends who have left reasonably high-profile jobs to go to work for draft kings fan. Do all these other entities in terms of not not to take bets but you right media articles about them and so you can't escape it. It is here whether whether you gambler. Not and i don't It is it is becoming a big part of every every professional sports and now it is creeping into college. Sports been here for years and he was just now being more acceptable people. See it more one on the question. Poke you put up to south carolina a scheduled for this year and i can tell you win what we do. Well we will do that in just muir moments because south carolina's is a program is coming off of a terrible season for loza takes a couple of seconds for you to see it but eastern illinois is the first game and then it's at east carolina for those who who are in your car at georgia kentucky troy at tennessee vanderbilt at am florida missouri. Add missouri auburn and clemson. Okay so you tell me daddy. What's it look like. The local talk sports station now said oh a we'll beat illinois we'll be east carolina. 'cause they used to be answer. That gioja can turkey. We'll lose the trump might be able to be tennessee. That's a quick a quick. Am oh what's his name by. The san antonio male glad he hit a wall up butch. Don't walk with was yours. Wall others gonna walk. I ain't gonna watch the game. How crawl into bed with putin chic. Toma you don't try too optimistic. Daddy now be realistic. It's the first year cold i think. Bateman are good idea. A good start. But it's gonna take time a lot of fans and we've been saying for the last sixty five years. I've been on this planet waving leg heal. You'd be well. Take care of yourself cat daddy. Luke is up next in mississippi. Hello luke. we're doing well. Thank you all right appreciate you take them. Paul Other than Watching the program since two thousand take pain When i first started watching..

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