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And I think one of the things that Google is a good fit because, first of all, it ties well to cloud. It's still a full platform, so it provides everything that the security operation needs from end to end, and it can tie to the detections from chronicle, SEC, and really take you all the way from the detection to the response. That makes a ton of sense and I think that's actually a very nice nuanced dance around the different kinds of automation platforms and thinking about internal security again. They actually have more than one automation tool for the same team. So I can totally see how in users minds those different distinctions end up being super valid. We're just about at time. I want to ask you our traditional closing questions. We hate to leave our listeners empty handed. Do you have recommended reading for our users? And you have like one weird tip to improve their store experience. Recommended reading. Yeah, blog, a white paper, a book, could be Anna karenina for the range of discussion, get on the show. I haven't prepared with that. 75 blog is decent region. I think at some point it will become Google Cloud blog and continue to be decent region, but that's a separate story. So what about the tip? What about one practical thing to improve a store experience? One practical thing to start your store experience in store journey. I think like I mentioned before, is start first with a quick wins. I would say fine. What are the things that you do manually the most? And that are the most noisy in your organization. And you can show the value really quickly to the security organization if you focus on those. And then slowly build your confidence in. Perfect. Thank you very much. Quick wins was my favorite advice for sim deployments and it sounds like sore follows the same pattern here. So Amos, thank you very much for being on the podcast. We would really appreciate it. It was fun. It would be useful for the audience too. Thank you. And I suspect we have enough to talk about that. We'll bring you back in the future. Very happy to be a pleasure, guys. Awesome. Thank you. And now we are time. Thank you very much for listening. And of course, for subscribing. We hope to see you at our next cloud security.

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