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Of how much you're actually putting into it then like a risk of injury okay like let's say you can you're in the nfl you weigh three hundred pounds and you're squatting seven hundred we'll you get a lot more to go to nine hundred we'll even if you did there's a everything's on continuum of wrist to benefit so yeah the that risk to me is too far then the benefit you get yes it's it's too great right to when it comes to you know just straight a power powerlifting you know a lot of people have coaches a lot of people have nice gyms to train out nowadays there's there the catering more to power lifting like that people are trying to do any and everything they can trying to sleep better trying to eat better but still sometimes you know just doesn't work out you know for whatever reason what in your opinion is the reason why some people are maybe having a hard time making progress or even obtaining the progress that they're looking for probably a lot some of it is i think a lot of like the people that are obsessed with like all those things you're talking about they're looking for so much stuff they can't like stop and just do what they're doing like you know you know like like i've noticed that like people sometimes i'll work with the come off like so gung ho in the beginning they're just like you know they're really looking at program hop it's like you know where even if you did like maybe something crappy for awhile and you stuck to you can i feel evaluation of if this works because even if it doesn't work at least we know now that this doesn't work for you so there's an herod value there right so i think a lot of it's been like scattered brain not you know now not focusing not really truly honing down because any program that you.

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