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AV and the other is the star of justice Andrew in the morning Mister Andrew early gentleman welcome back to radio thanks I'm good to be with a chance the Japanese courted a great job it's a beautiful day temperatures are great we got a couple hundred golfers out here they're all of your raisin some money for his Minnesota military families and one of our biggest supporters for less than years been the D. AV in Minnesota and several it has been the adjutant over there and of course she was a command sergeant major in the Minnesota Army National Guard and I just want to read this this bio here this little announcement that we had seven white him disabled Minnesota Army National Guard veteran of the Iraq war was elected national commander for more than one million member D. AV the organization's twenty nineteen national convention Orlando and took the office last week he's retired command sergeant major for the eighty fourth troop commander gave us army national guard full time jobs and the delivery of a sort of department adjutant and executive directors save American veterans of of Minnesota foundation and thank you know I don't know if if command sergeant majors higher rank than national commander but I think we'll have Klay commander for the next year Hey I think one more year Stephan congradulations what an honor to be those national commander in charge of such a wonderful organization to take such great care of our veterans it really is Tom I mean to be in the position I am all the organization I truly is done a wonderful things taking care of our disabled veterans and to be the face and the voice for this organization is truly an honor to be this is like people who you were at my office last week and we're checking out schedules they've got they've even got time scheduled for you to sleep but maybe it once in awhile it all it's going to be zero we went to a hundred year it's gonna be a busy year make sure that we get out there and our voice to be heard all the great things that we're doing that you've got some special goals for this year I really do on one thing is I wanna make sure we continue advocating for victims when it comes to the legislation our benefits in the healthcare that we can't slow down we can make sure that the factions voices are being heard and that the changes are being made so they're taking care of now the Avia Minnesota they're in good shape all you're going to be out of action for a really are the DV Minnesota's really would help give ME two are mad too because of all the great things are doing here locally they're set up really well we have a great action star stepped in and I train will do a wonderful job and I'm here to assist someone were working as well from my traveling with backing up Minnesota as well the course of the AV of Minnesota in my humble opinion is one of the most active veterans service organizations in the state the things you do to put the vans out there to get our veterans to their medical appointments you've got the hunting programs you got fishing programs you got a program to raise some money it's it's a it's one of the busiest veterans service organizations that I've I've witnessed it really that for your for we're not here to sit on our backside all we're actually here to make sure that we're doing things for veterans and I'm very proud to say here in Minnesota we're doing exactly what do exactly that taking her by transit transportation programs outdoors program whatever may be are even legislation or make sure that we're we're in the front leading the commander congratulations on the foot of what a wonderful position I know you're gonna have a busy year and we're going to follow you I think investors they were gonna try to get up to Washington DC and hear the greatest honor to be able to present a reset the Arlington cemetery me huge John or I would be so moved on that on that opportunity their loans can be amazing well it may take you know we writer fact we get you through that we're talking the stuff on white head and and really Minnesota military radio from the tenth annual Minnesota military family foundation golf classic at bunker hills golf and Mister Lee we will not quite a ride for the last almost ninety nine years this is show number four hundred eighty congratulations the first of the year the first week of twenty twenty will be our five hundred children we've got some plans when we go out to veterans day with the stuff on the maybe do a show from a special place of Washington DC for the five hundred to five hundred chilled well I would be pretty special here in the in our relationship but told everybody went on the show before the reason we're on the ears because you had an idea to do a little bitty Minnesota military public affairs program yeah yeah the idea was just to have an outlet where stories can be shared that's the main purpose that's what radio is really good at right sharing stories telling stories and in and there aren't enough outlets in my opinion where stories of our active duty or veterans and their families can really be told and really be shared and I think radio is just the best medium for something like that we had a a show and a working from in Tucson Arizona that was really catered towards Davis Monthan Air Force base and in order to sort of replicate that formula up here and you and I went out to lunch one day at the the the the the joining of a mutual friend and everything sort of went from there you got all the way from each that figure that I expect that I had no idea who I was given the show too well I don't know where we were going either when it's on a like infernal Vietnam vet to be able to tell the stories of of our military and their families in the student all of the resources that help take care of you know really took off we I sat down with the adjutant general of Minnesota National Guard producer of course I hurt media put us on the air and give us some free time and in the recording studio an engineer and then we talk the Minnesota department of Veterans Affairs and they joined so they can talk about all the programs and services and then the winners test for showing in a course that's women stuff on white head of all the other commanders of the of the VFW in those D. AV and then work in late June purple arch and all those we have your decision and and your relationship with the with the Minnesota National Guard and in your efforts to to get them involved really blew me away and and not just that but but their willingness to be apart and and provide so much support and so much material in so many guests and all all the great content that that they've been putting together have since taken the show to places I never would have imagined well and with the great support from my heart media you've you've given us the show given us the room to go to the things we want to do you've given the support of the Minnesota military family foundation golf classic some returns without covered with us a lot I think you know since the second year we were doing the show I think I've only missed one year the venue were said about that but it's much better the other the other thing that I don't think either of us imagined when we started doing this was you allowed us to make the content available to other radio stations we just signed the biggest falls this week correct fifty six stations at the maze around the state that the air the show and I remember but as soon the first year we had you in a box left on the C. one thirty okay up to camp Ripley you got to tour the camper should some weapons of last year the way back when he's like you said this is fun because a lot of those in the black cargo been on see one thirty been to Kuwait twice now the just got back from Kuwait out in you know there's a difference between what they call a sandstorm it's a dust storm is that yeah what are they called in in Arizona they were called the the the cocoa boobs or something like that I forget exactly what they're called knowledge I'm not sure they're all there yeah there's a there is a radio personality like a monster dust storm that that I never experience and I lived in Arizona but I but I've seen it the few friends been through it and then we took you to hell and back a little town in Norway called hell yeah right by did the health health we got you all one word we have an annual Norwegian exchange with the Minnesota National Guard and our way home garden we got to go over there and and not only do a sort of your radio which you to to your morning shows from over there that was a lot of fun in the did get you home safely so you've there's a bunch of traveling of metal bunch of people yeah there's been quite a trip where were most of them to except the one night normally well we're just getting started Mister Lee is not a whole lot more to do in I would assume that you'll have this gentleman the national commander of the morning show sometime so I love it we did it we need to brag about him he's he's I thought the government another veteran that works as hard as the phone does that take care of other veterans another disable but have you merely found because I think you are still stories those stories without more than I do want to give in to good comment here could always is because of what you've started here the veterans organization's particular the DV with many of the error message alter so thank you for seeing initiative and it really doesn't know what Tom I mean I remember my first radio interview with Tom and I talk about our big need for volunteer drivers and because that program we've been able to really find volunteer driver so thank you Andrew for you know come up with this idea that's that's very gratifying for me here because that's the idea that's the point you know the the the the the the impetus for the show was to give listeners the opportunity to put their desire to support the troops into action yeah and give them tangible means to actually provide that support and give something back to all the troops and all the veterans that have given so much quickly dig into that because we just set your your department commander on and he said you've got thirty seven bands out there now helping get the a reference to their medical appointments and I didn't realize till about four five years ago is on the show all those are our volunteer drivers and he's always looking.

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