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Right hey aren't you still off the bat that's true oh did draft bars out but at the same time he gave away a you know a guy he took in the top five to to get that pick so you know i i guess not that that top five pick is turnout then every on the draft pick aside from jt john taveras whom i walk to it's discussing but i did think about that so seventeen and a half and he's a runaway rookie year and i know you have a buddy out there that that's a big fan of boy sal i think yeah and he's phenomenal phenomenal yeah all right all right darren tweet so much taryn tweet so much about the islanders one of the main beat writers actually blocked darren nice just because dan roads so many negative things negative things about the beat writer because he was a freight to ever critique the islanders that's why at staples a bum harry edmonton oilers beat writers blocked you because you pick them up i'd rather just listen to keep talking about the island my oilers you were third class yep i had i know i the oilers a plus one seventy two win the pacific division they finished six they were twelve in the west conference darren always says get a hot goalie anything can happen while last year cam talbot for the oilers gave up two point three nine goals a game with seven shutouts this year he averaged giving up more than three goals a game and at one shutout camp with the blame on connor mcdavid who had another one hundred point season but still goaltending is huge in hockey especially when it comes to regular season and having a differential of such a was that that's about point six different differential that that was the difference in the oil tank the fisher.

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