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Get that critical. Third down conversion, Dan. Well, that time Nebraska was a little bit of a rolling pocket, but they weren't expecting Martinez to go all the way to the outside. He went too far out and Rashawn Gary had a clear run at him. And again a stellar effort by the Michigan de here's the kick. Not a very good one. Not a good one. But it gets a great bounce. Yeah. People's jones. Let's it hit at about the forty five yard line at roles in Nebraska direction. And it'll stop at the thirty four yard line of the wolverines. That's where they'll pick over first and ten with seven twenty two left to play here in the first quarter. The wolverines on top fourteen. Nothing. Let's go back to game central on our Brian Bush. All right, Jim. Thank you very much. Yeah. Lots to like so far from Michigan up fourteen nothing early on Brassica want to give you a quick update while they step away at the big house and some of the other games in the big ten with our big ten scoreboard. Brought to you by Absopure water or three games in progress. Produced trying to get off the Schneider Owen three and they're deadlocked with undefeated number twenty three Boston College, seven seven ten minutes and change into that game. Big ten matchup in college park. Maryland in early seven nothing lead on Minnesota turps trying to bounce back from that tough loss to temple last week. The gophers they are three and oh and Rutgers a home dog to buffalo, and they are trailing nine minutes into the game. It's the bull seven and the scarlet knights three. Still to come today. There are three other games involving big ten teams the only nine conference game still become three thirty Ohio State, heavy favorites against two lane. Seven thirty big time kickoff. Michigan state at Indiana hoosiers off to a three and start. Michigan state is at a stew on that loss against Arizona state. The last two weeks after falling to the sun devils at the horn, and Wisconsin meets Iowa crucial west division match up coming up at eight thirty from Kenan stadium winner of that game over the last four years has gone on to the big ten championship game. Now today's big ten scoreboard. Brought to you by Absopure the official bottled water of Michigan athletics. There are two other ranked teams in action right now. Second ranked Georgia leading at Missouri. Seven and nothing ten minutes into that game round. The same juncture eighth ranked Notre Dame and Wake Forest scoreless. Hey, Michigan fans at stubhub. Every Michigan game ticket is one hundred percent guaranteed and you'll find the best selection of tickets anywhere. Stubhub, your ticket out stub is the official ticketing partner of Michigan athletics. We'll see if the wolverines fireworks can continue on the field. It's fourteen nothing. Michigan throw back out to Jim. Jim Brandstatter, Dan beard, ORF guys. Thanks brand. You don't then you look at this football game. Michigan's defense other than that I pass to Morgan which was kind of a broken play. Anyway, the.

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