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Like our good friend. Good friend of the program alexandria. Ocasio cortez threatened to bolt on the covid. Nineteen relief bill if it does not include a hike in the minimum wage said that They're going to abandon it if they do not Pass through with reconciliation and the fifteen dollar minimum wage attached and She's taking a stand against it she. It's a small technicality. But i do think we've got every tool in our toolbox here Whether it is reconciliation whether it is ultimately reforming the filibuster. We're going to need to deliver on our promise to raise the wage for twenty seven million americans. It's i mean it's good but that the democrats aren't playing games aren't playing political games with you. Know americans paychecks. No that's definitely not i mean. Look she she of course does really want this but she will also follow line if she is needed for a bill. That's going to spend one point nine trillion dollars on other various wishlist items for for democrats the fifteen dollars minimum wage. I don't even think honestly can be done this way. I think it makes sense. I mean we haven't had a matter now. I don't know. There's the senate parliamentarian who's going to give this ruling we have. I don't think it's come down. He had had If it came down today. I missed it. But they're going to say. Hey yes you can put. A minimum wage will through reconciliation. I don't think that is within the rules. Now you're right. They could change the rules and they can say well. You know what now you can. They just have to get the votes. They need man should cinema but again when when needed all of these guys will come around. All of them will come around when needed now. I think there's a chance that like something where you know. Joe mansion might say i'll only gonna do twelve fifty an hour like he'll get you. I wouldn't be surprised to see something like romney and someone else wanted to ten dollars an hour. They want to do ten. I think it was seven twenty five now so they raise it up to ten. I mean look. There's overwhelming support in the population for these bills to raise the minimum wage. It's not it's not a close it's among the least popular thing the Three belief. I tell you if you want to say about like two eight and nine dollars. You're talking in the eighties and ninety percent type of approval over these things. It's like a conservative libertarian. Economic point that we are one hundred percent right on but no one agrees with so you did they. They're going to get that through. They can get that through during another bill. Fifteen bucks those really stretching. And i don't think so because i heard a report. What was it yesterday or the day before That we talked about on the program that joe biden had even said the minimum wage deal is dead so you think he just meant if it's fifteen dollars. I think the fifteen dollar thing is such a stretch. And i think they know it's a stretch. I think it's the type of thing they know they're lose. I don't think they can do it the way they're trying to do it. So because the fifty votes think is very specific with the types of rules. They can again change the rules. They can go after and get rid of the filibuster. There are things that they can do. But they're extreme. And i wouldn't put it past democrats to put them through fashion but it's a it's a pretty big step now if they jam in a twelve dollar minimum wage into a bill that they they wanna pass later on. That's very popular like military support. Bill right like that's the type of way. I think they could get something like that done. I don't think rule wise they can get it done this way and i think you probably will cinema and mansion saying look we said we don't support fifteen dollars an hour that's why we only supporting fourteen eighty five. That's the type of thing or it'd be phased in over a longer period though. They'll play their games. But i think you know when it comes down to the democrats will get their fifty votes for this thing and and joe biden knows that everybody knows it. So why would they bend. Why would they bench to romney's ten dollar plan or twelve dollar plan. They don't need to. I just don't think they can do it. This way and pat. I'm going the other. Russian fifteen is good was and fifty dollars an hour. Better not one hundred one really rich. Yes yeah why. Not a million dollars an hour. Let's just make everybody millionaires every hour. Mckee three right. She said like like twenty seven million. This would support all three every thirty million sports. Everybody yeah really really wanted. Why don't kiss right. They should give it to me that they can then afford their sex change operation right which they should get for yes. I thought chris chris hayes tweet out something along the lines of well there's there's absolutely no compelling substantive argument against raising the minimum wage with it doesn't mean that there's no scientific arguments substantive argument against it. It's going to hurt small businesses dramatically and not to mention. It's going to hurt the minorities and the poorest of the people that they that. They claim that they want to help. They're gonna force out of a job and look. The minimum wage is just that it's a minimum wage. For when you're just getting into the workforce that's what it's designed for. It's not designed to support a family of twelve. I mean nobody says you know what. I'm gonna retire on that twelve dollars an hour retire and then i'm gonna make up whenever retiring all probably only make ten dollars an hour but i'm going to retire on this. That's not what it's four and it's for teenagers. who have no skills. Who are working at mcdonald's. Get into the workforce and you make a minimum wage just to get you into the workforce and understand how it all flows out. Works gets a few dollars in your pocket so you can put gas in your car and go crews the drag or whatever these wacky kids do these days that's that's what the cruise drag drag and so but it's been completely flipped around supposed to support a family of or ten because what because they get to use the term livable wage and make not supposed to be a liveable way. We'll we'll what does livable wage even mean. Can someone please define it for me. what is livable wage. Because something that someone can live on in. New york is a lot different than something. Someone who on even in our new york teams not a luke. Labeling like okay. Is this living with a roommate. Is this living without having children before you're ready. Is this living without a really nice car and taking the bus. I mean there are a lot of things in here nuances in here that we're not even discussing because you think you have a right to say i just need a livable wage. So you have to pay whatever the hell i want. It's one of those dumb things they make up. That can mean anything right. I mean we all know one hundred percent of people making minimum wage are living they somehow made it livable. They may not like that light supposed to chip in a way. You you you earn money early on get experienced build your career as a soul. I believe it was said you know the the actual minimum wage is zero when when the minimum wage gets raised. Fifteen dollars. those people get zero dollars per hour and they stay at home and they're on twitch all day right like so. What do you do with that. I mean like if you want a society that is dependent on government for their entire lives of group of young people who grow up with no no ability to learn a trade to actually have a work ethic and build that work ethic. Then you're a democrat and you want this to go on right you know. We know it will cost millions of jobs. It may help some people in certain circumstances but the amount of people who are trying..

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