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Sarah a lot of Republicans, who were initially never-trumpers really liked him because they liked his tax to tax reform and tax cuts for the wealthy. They like Supreme Court. Nominations. They liked all that Kinda stuff, so they stuck with him I. Guess what I'm trying to say is this has been a longtime coming, I. Mean Republicanism has essentially laid down this route. For a figure like Donald Trump you know you had even one of your co founders William Kristol. Of Our fat he was supporting Sarah. Palin as you remember that incredibly disruptive of vice presidential choice of of John McCain I just wanted to whether you think that the party itself has had a hand in where where your party is today. Yeah I think there's some of that, but I also think something bigger is happening in the country I mean. I think we're seeing kind of a populist surge. Look at Bernie Sanders on on the left and you know there's this. There's this kind of populist moment that's happening in America where people don't trust. Elites you know they are skeptical of all information I mean when I talked to these voters all the time. They never know who to trust and I think the populist moment is bigger. Than, just one candidate I think the Democrats have done a better job of holding the populace momentum on their side at bay, and that is evidenced by the fact that they nominated. A. I mean he's a relative moderate. Let's say certainly compared to the the rest of his field, whereas the Republican Party was sort of rape to be hijacked. I think the Donald Trump saw an opening, and it was certainly an opening that I wouldn't have seen I. I was. That's one of the reasons I started doing. The focus groups was I was so caught off guard by a Republican Party. That would tolerate. That that level of you know talking about Mexican judges and. And all the even even just tolerate somebody who was such a conspiracy theorist. I mean going back to Barack Obama's birth certificate, I think I think what happened. is is that that was strain always existed in the Republican Party, but it wasn't the dominant strain, and it has become the dominant strain, and so yes, I think the thing that was that was there the.

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