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Forced out rainbow six yesterday at Gulfstream Opening Day and opening weekend at Oaklawn Houston Ladies Classic at Sam. Houston then that that card into the early evening yesterday to absorb and it'll take a couple of days I think there's also plenty of recapping yet to do with the connections from Eclipse Award Night Thursday. We did the recapping and we got you going on on Friday into the weekend. The opening day at Oaklawn hard not to revel in what went on at hot springs. The last seventy two hours a terrific first few days thirty thousand eight hundred Saturday and and looking forward to getting into some of those results including the opening day stake the first step toward the Arkansas Derby. Southwestern rebel the Smarty Jones opens the season. Gold streaked scully pointed you in that direction with Martin Garcia and Steve Asmussen sending out Gold Street. Steve will join us in this hour. Asmussen with a magical Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday. What can you say you know able to share in two championships with the highly brought season Mottola in Jeff Bloom and company with midnight? Be Sue and then opening day. Oakland wins the smarty Jones Shift to last night wins wins the ladies classic in a a mild upset I I suppose. The price was fabulous on lady apple but that was a a terrific for horses headlong down the stretch seren getty empress turning back challenge. Enjoy after challenge but in the last couple of jumps just could not withstand lady apple rallying inside the Kirwin philly under Ricardo Santana junior and maybe out of sight the Asmussen team was also winning the Riley Alison at Sunland. Onlin a top of everything else. So we'll talk to Steve and some of the next steps in the various runners that were successful and then some that that misfired when it came to Saturday and and the action at at Hallandale. The Pegasus kind of just to me to some extent and we'll talk opt to Johnny tomorrow. He's traveling right now. He and Gail. We're down there and John. You'll talk about everything that went on. I and the racing when we talk tomorrow and we'll also touch on those but gail talk about it. Seemed was Djalo. She's Kahlo she was. He was wherever wherever Jaylo arrived. Johnny Gayle L.. Were right there and gale gale beside herself for seeing Jaylo the racing using side. It just was a you know a kind of strap yourself in and play along on kind of a day it it you know to me. I'M NOT GONNA I don't want to say it was workmanlike but you did the work and you did the bedding and you hit a few and got stymied a couple of times. At least I did. I was a little frustrated with a couple of singles singles that I thought in the early pick for and or the middle pick four and then in the late action. I mean a lot of us. Undoubtedly stymied stymied by spooky channel the neck winner. We're GONNA talk to Brian Lynch because it was one of the fun moments. Certainly of Saturday Lychee will kick off the conversations. Spooky Channel was kind of easy to gloss over. But you you know second off the the layoff and having run maybe a little sneaky in the Fort Lauderdale. I know gus sniffed amount. Gus had him Lonzo in his dabs at Brisbane that gus put them on top and loved them. Paid seventy four sixty gus. Actually when we get the Vegas. I'm sure we'll sit with God because he's GonNa play in in the NFC. He'll he'll tell tell you his tale of woe yes. He cashed quite nicely spooky channel in Zulu Alpha two in the big race for the turf. Then he didn't use my left off which Auguste though so it happens. All of us. Nice job by Mike Welch with Zulu Alpha by turning you in that direction twenty five sixty and Muccio Gustavo. It just seems like this race. This pegasus its first four runnings. It just gets overwhelmed. A horse just swamps the field. And that's what Muccio Gustav did and the timing was right and certainly you you know getting on a on a tight fasttrack. After all the work he was putting in back at Santa. Anita uh-huh and BAFFERT WHO I. I can't really decide. I'm going to be at Santa Anita Thursday Friday and Monday Tuesday next week. But we'll probably talk to. We'll probably talk to Bob in the third hour. Today his quote was when they reached the quarter pole. I said to myself myself. Why didn't I go? He stayed back and of course baffled. Not You know not hopping on planes and traveling as much as as you used to but this a pretty darn good prep for mutual Guzzo who will go to the Middle East. I for his next assignment. And there's an amazing story to tell about Muccio Gustavo in addition to just winning this race and and so forth but of course Prince Faisal bin Khalid bought this horse specifically to run in the Saudi race off of Baffert client Michael Lund Peterson and Peterson's involvement came along at Tema neom as a two year. Old KIP L ser. Who was in New Zealand right now for the sale? He'll be back at the end of the week. I will probably not talk to Boyd until next week. But I reached out to boyd early on on Sunday morning and kept bought Muccio Guzzo as a baby and and you know he he had sold very inexpensively as a short yearling than a little bit more fetched a little bit more as a keeneland. YEARLING KIP trained him. Developed him got him started. Tried to Salam in the spring are in aid for modest money and then two months later fetches six hundred and fifty thousand when he turned in a brilliant effort at two modem so it's a very interesting story and then from there of course Baffert Baffert gave him the usual shakedown toward. They're trying to get involved in the three year old opportunities of last year he really just connected all the dots and batterer. Tease looks and Steve Rushing. Look like geniuses for latching on to muccio Gustavo and it won't the loomed up and then I thought he was kind of treading water and then when Iraq asks you know Little Pass Midway on the turn he just gobbled up MR freeze voting express ran very credibly. War story comes comes running late for third which was not impossible to see the disappointments in here of course higher power and taxing attacks really never higher power tried to attend the face and then folded up and tax attack though just really kind of went through the motions and I I know the report is Oh you know nobody bled and we're whoa okay. That may be the report but some Morse's certainly certainly ran with characteristics associated associated with with horses. Not You know Breathing as as easily as they might. I think so. I think there was only one winning favourite. I'm a hole card right. I think market analysis and Todd pletcher with a very nice afternoon atomic blonde and the two maiden winners candy tycoon Hi coon for Mathis stable and market analysis for China Wars Club in Windstar Farish Bread Honor Code coat. It's very solid eighty four by think market analysis and then atomic blonde upset Mitchell road. There were a whole honestly. I look is GonNa join us today. Johnny Eddie flip-flopping with the ten o'clock With Johnny traveling this morning so I don't know how much I was busy Saturday but I I'm sure he caught a couple of of these events. I the thing to me. That was really notable five to two beaten eaten favorite in the first race. Five to two beaten favourite in that maiden special candy tycoon was seventy two CECCHI Shabazz at one to two beaten in the world of trouble turf market analysis. The only seventy five. The only winning favourite girls know best. I I don't know why girls know best was favored that much over Gene Elizabeth. Jean Elizabeth Larry Ravelli and the Ravelli Kelly Raven Ritchie Ravin than and Patricia is hope team. Mitchell road was even money. Free Enterprise was just. It's not not competitive. Just didn't run free. Enterprise came in looking like you know a a horse that was whose time was now did not run and under two to one lady Panam beaten on the square. Bhai Mean Mary who will talk to Graham motion later that was in the privy aunt. She ran fine but I mean Mary got away with some easy splits. Yeah one after the other spice perfection. She kinda loomed and flattened out under two to one. Read night just you know. Came running late ninety cents on the dollar. This was this was the whole day one favorite and without parole kind of chase. Then sort of finished evenly Mo- Forza Joel. Rosario basically hugging the outside fence. What that was both of you know kind of loomed but you know had had been the six path in the hallway route without parole was seven to to move? Forward was ninety two and then of course higher power ended up going the favourite ultimately favoritism was bouncing around between him and and Muccio Gustavo and even tax was sort of hovering the very interesting day of racing and then of course yesterday the eleven thousand plus distribution big player edge thirteen percent player edge. Thanks to Marshall Grams. Calculations and all of Marshall's calculations were rewarded. Because he he won with Dot Matrix trix. They won McConnell ten strike. Did yesterday. We'll talk to Brad Cox and we'll celebrate his two championships as well British idiom and confetti so Graham Ocean Brad Cox Steve asmussen and Brian Lynch Andy and probably Bob Baffert and as we head through the break. You obviously.

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