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Lackawanna county which is scranton you know the screen wilkes barre a connect their lackawanna county right next door even though donald trump lost it he lost it by a razorthin margin barack obama had wanted by twenty five points those two counties lose earned in like a one we're in my judgement the epicenter of the trump phenomenon in pennsylvania even though we talked about other parts of the state i think that ultimately that's where it happened absolutely and do you think that this shift away from this happens man away from the uh i i would argue from away from republican and democratic establishment is is something that's going to continue to grow yes and you already saw that selena in this week's primary contests in pennsylvania most states don't have significant primaries in the off off your elections pennsylvania because of its system of local government has a lot of them but on the statewide ticket for the judiciary the republican party of pennsylvania had a sevenperson slave there was one quote unquote outlying or who was running against the party and she won that's a big deal matlin toddler open the next segment with this a because i'm talking about this and going forward uh in the state this is main street meets the beltway on siriusxm potus selena zito more with charlie drill after the break now like to welcome bat charlie terrell ceo contin communications and god of all things pennsylvania follow him on twitter at charlie zero g e r o w charlie.

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