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This is a cbc podcast if you're marketing predictable it should be because results shouldn't be left to chance that's why smart male marketing is based on science in a digital world people responded the tactile nature of male more than ever they pick it up they read it what's more they act on it study show direct mail consistently drives customers online and in store that's predictability a marketer can get excited about smart meal marketing makes success predictable learn more at canada post dot c a smart male marketing lisa leblanc is a singer and songwriter who doesn't just blend genres like bluegrass and rocker folk and country she also blends cultures and talking specifically about acadian and english as yasser follows a formula and that seems to be paying off lisa leblanc picked up a jew nomination for her record why you want to leave runaway queen issues on the 2017 short list for the polaris music price you're about to hear what makes her music so special lease a lib last one by queue this year end charmed all of us with our honesty and she reminded us why you should be very careful about what you say to a songwriter recorded live and from the best of q here is lisa leblanc with city slickers and country boyce two yes maybe.

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