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Hello welcome to stories podcast i'm your host amanda weldon today story is called the wonders of snakeoil unoriginal story by daniel heinz today we'd like to say a special thank you to d'arcy and dash and their family in papua new guinea sand and jude and their family leili gracie calum and theo and their family and ingrid and nipping and their family thank you so much layton ingrid theo calum gracie lee lead jude salmon dash and darcy you're part of what makes it possible for us to continue to produce bond news stories for our listeners also we wanted to tell you about a new i tuned at for kids podcast that we help to build it's called kids listen on the i tunes app store it has nothing but kidfriendly shows curated by us and our kids show friends and it's free just search kids listen on i tuned casper is asleep brand that created an outrageously comfortable mattress sold directly to consumers eliminating commission driven inflated prices the mattress industry has forced consumers into paying notoriously high markups and casper is revolutionising things by cutting the cost of dealing with resellers and showrooms and passing that savings directly to the consumer and now it's available in the us canada and the uk and it's an amazing mattress too i thought our lights my old memory foam mattress but it was so sought that i used to sink down into the middle of it and my dogs fredensborg eat would sink down to and then we'd be this one big pile in the middle of the bed and it was not very comfortable the casper is so much better with just the right thing and just the right bounce my dogs and i are more supported and don't end up in a big ridiculous pile anymore.

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