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Koa newsradio time twelve thirty government is running out of money again is a shutdown coming bipartisan negotiations are dragging on with dozens of contentious issues still under debate has appropriators look to finalize a one point three trillion dollar spending bill on the brink of a shutdown republicans say they're now targeting tuesday to post legislative text of the elusive deal without an agreement the government runs out of money at the end of the day on friday john parkinson abc news the capitol police in austin texas say they have a serial bomber on their hands and explosion sunday night injured two men who tried to handle a package left by the side of the road it's the latest string of unsolved package bombings this month that have killed two and injured two others former bronco wide receiver cody latimer signs with the new york giants and the nuggets fall to the miami heat in double overtime our next update at one o'clock david ko koa newsradio eight fifty am and ninety four one fm none of the overnight roadworks causing any problems as you take to the main highways you're gonna find getting around really easy to dry speeds close to normal despite everywhere nothing slowing you down on penny boulevard heading out towards the airport thirty six between here and boulder you've got nothing slowing down and you're gonna make a time on i seventy cross town sixty lake what's looking good along with c four seventy four seventy and nothing's inferring with the drive on i twenty five no way you're sitting in traffic at any time of day with the total traffic app powered by trafficcarma the cbs.

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