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Hi Everyone. Welcome back to the English journey podcast for those who don't know I am your host and Canadian teacher Jasmine I. Feel like it's been a really long time since we've had a solo episode without any guests. So I hope that you guys missed my voice and you missed these solo episodes this week we have a very exciting episode I feel like I. Say that every week, but each episode is unique and this week we have a request from one of our listeners, Iris sent us a request. So shout out to you iris and anyone else who has a request feel free to comment or message us on our social media. You can definitely send us a DM on our instagram at Glitch G. L. I. S. H.. Social S. O. C. I A. L. and let us know about any topics or ideas that you want us to cover on this podcast. So Iris wrote a comment and the comment was thanks for these great tips. I have an issue which is not I listen and I read everything in English but when I speak the words just don't come out of my mouth. Can you please talk about this? So when I read this, I felt like this is a very common type of question to receive and I don't think that Iris's alone in this problem it's important for everyone listening to understand that this is a very common problem. So when learning a new language often speaking is the most difficult aspect because you know it requires you. To take a leap of faith and what a leap of faith means is you need to take the courage to do something even if it really scares you from Iris's question, you can tell that listening and reading is not the issue, but speaking is the issue. This is not a problem of being able to speak English or not having the vocabulary needed the real. Problem. Here is the confidence those who don't feel like they're able to speak English yet or just locking the confidence. How can we push someone to become less of a shy English speaker and feel confident in English, the truth is the complete bottle is going to be in your mind. Now, we need to find out some strategies and tips of how to break this. Barrier or how to overcome this challenge of your mind to show you that you are able to speak..

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