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You know some of it should fall on him but you know don't don't just secondguessed him because all of a sudden you know because we walk there's there's reasons why he does stuff that he's got over eight hundred win so you know it's hard to card really questions and sometimes you know even though it's the easy thing to do so in looking that it you know should teddy of gotten more time i mean that's always something you can talk about but as you said he was having a hard time defending an in a lot of that is kansas has got a weird lineup because that they're basically playing four guards in the naza bouquet so teddy can't early guard any the guards he's just not capable of doing that right now and a beetle i obviously when he was in there hit a couple nice shots but dax twer was playing so well for such a long stretch the take take him out or you take divine out and putting put beadle in i mean those are always the question so it's easy as you said to look at the scoresheet and go oh what about this what about that but in the flow the gear trying to figure it out as is more difficult but uh you know that's what we do us what face of that's what we do secondguess some things them wine as well and my uncle mouth watching the game last night we were like one aren't take carter out for a couple of minutes right we're right around that eightminute mark i think is where we saw we'll take him out let them rest a couple of minutes here beal can handle the point you know and then if you if you starts to play bad then you take him out put quarterback in you know and we that was something i kind of right in the middle of the game we kind of thought about food and also its carter carter's uh been here for what he looks like he's been here for twenty years he's only been here for four so you know it's hard to say go ahead and take carter out there in a big game at kansas you know with all the stakes that we're on the line there is hard to say take him out let's always the top part which ivana ed love to see them be able to give him a few more minutes of.

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