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Okay, news from your neighborhood now. Albert Parnell joins us. Whatyou have Yes s O this coming out of the Napa Valley registers So Bay Area residents who travel outside of the state this holiday season to visit family or friends or whomever may be met with a 14 day quarantine advisory when they return Group of public health officers from across the Bay area are considering implementing the Corona virus Quarantine. As pretend as the pandemic continues with in the Bay Area, OK, Google has a list of what we were ordering. When we watch the election returns. Okay fries and liquor stores were the most searched over 24 hours, hitting all time highs that most sought after food online, pizza, Chinese sushi and Mexican Pizza's What feeds newsrooms around the country and the most search word election. Okay, Okay. Perfect. Hey, I've got a new gift that you can remember. This year. You can give it the gift gift at the holidays. It is a 2020 cent. Kandel. It's like 20 cents, like no, no, like 20 year, 2020 like what is the smell of 2020? I'm not sure I want to know. Okay, Therefore it has four layers hits. The first layer is banana. Brad. Okay, making banana bread Right baking. Okay. Hand sanitizer. And Woody Musk. Pss. Yeah, and then finally, budget aftershave and earthy essence. I don't know what or if your essence is but that is supposed to smell like the Tiger King Joe exotic. Earthy essence. I know. I know. I'm a noted that although I could say 2020 could smell worse. Yeah. I mean, if you were going to make a candle like I won't even say the name of the company that makes this candle because you know no kids in the car. Don't wanna buy anything That's just 25 just kind of want to forget 20 a lot of people dio, You know, it's It's an ironic gift of funny gift. I guess Lot of people know that we're in 2020 years. Senate enough. I'm out. Right. I don't want to smell it. See it. Remember it. I'm going elsewhere. I'm leaving leaving America. It's a real trend, and we're going to hit it in three minutes on the winner is gonna take a while. Everything just stopped. For the very latest sexting connected Sacramento's news 93.1 kfbk..

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