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About like privilege in her parents and how they don't get it and how they're blinkered the way the world works and all this stuff at the same time as she deeply enjoys the fruits of their money and their power and their ability to take such a vacation. And so there's this kind of idea of like the sort of pompous. You know spoiled little rich girl situation about her. But i also think like you said. There's some kind of wound at the center of her. That we're not really sure what it is. Whether like you said is the suppression of queer desire towards her friend. Or if it's this idea that she knows that her parents are kind of bullshit but she can't figure out how to express that are how to get away because she's also tied into it and has benefited from it so severely so you know. I think there's this idea with paula. Later you know policies. You're just using me for credit and i think it really wounds libya to her core because i think she has this idea deep down that she's a fraud that she belongs with her in this sort of girl boss world that she constantly is calling out rather than being kind of aberation from it. So that's going on with her. And pala and i think they're tension is really really interesting and i think a libya herself is great and sydney sweeney as an actor. I think is really so remarkable. I mean she's in everything. Now she's scraping you for. Es she's great in this. I think she's really really good at playing like Girl who had ruined your entire life energy like it's just like there's something so sinister just in her little pout and her sort of resting face i mean she has like resting evil face to me in a way that is really like i think just these to her talent. That's not. What probably looks like that. In this for sure i said challenging part because unlike most of the white tourist characters on the show she doesn't have a spiritual quest. She's on right. I mean she. Like i say is an under minor that seems to be her primary goal and then the last we see of her she has been completely folded into her parents world with after the bracelets and with that whole interaction with the hotel she becomes completely an ally of her parents and and knits herself. Back into that. I think one of the best lines and the whole show or the best exchanges and to to go back to that scene. Isaac was saying between the two of them. That's like a beautiful scene. Study is when you know policy saying to her that you know you think you're so different from your parents. But that's your tribe. That's who you are and sydney sweeney's character says like you don't realize like in this burglary. Something bad could have happened. Speaking referring to her parents could have been injured in this thing and policy says something bad did happen which referring to what happened to chi in the fallout there in and it's this idea that olivia really doesn't see outside of her own unit like her vision is just not beyond her own family but she thinks it is and that's kind of the tragedy of her character that she comes in so hot with all these ideas.

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