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Muller wrote a letter in late March complaining to attorney general William bar, the poor page memo to congress describing the principal conclusions of the investigation, quote, did not fully capture the context nature and substance of Muller's work. According to a copy of taken by the Washington Post days after bars announcement Muller wrote a previously unknown private letter to the Justice department, which revealed a degree of dissatisfaction with the public discussion of Muller's work that shocked senior Justice department officials the summary letter the department sent to congress and released to the public late in the afternoon of March twenty four th do not fully capture the contents nature and substance of this offices, work and conclusion is there's an important part. There is now a public confusion about critical aspects of the results of our investigation this threatens to undermine central purpose for which the department appointed the special counsel to assure full public confidence in the outcome of investigations. The letter made a key request the bar release. The reports instruction introductions and executive summaries and made some Nishel suggested reactions for doing so Justice department officials say they were taken aback by the tone of Muller's letter it came as a surprise to them that he had such concerns day. The letter said our Muller spoke by phone for about fifteen minutes. That's what that was about the next day bar member sends another letter to congress saying, oh, my summering wasn't meant to be a summary. A really because we got that impression from the minute said summary was called summary. Yeah. Republicans on the committee are expected the question bar about an insertion surgeon. He made earlier this month that officials had engaged in spying on the Trump campaign. Rosenstein, just complete disgrace. Yeah. I try to the promise that president. Now. I'll drive you to the prom. Oh, convertible another another career right blown reputations blown to tatters for this. Trader. I I don't know a has on them. I don't know what he's promised seventy two virgins, whatever no idea. I know is that this people that this thing that they called God ain't working God can't get to the heads of Trump and Mitch McConnell that God. Is not working. Yeah. This God thing. Yeah. It's interesting. Here's another comment. Malcolm said this on our show before too. He reminds us that Al Capone didn't go to prison for murder for tax evasion. Money stuff, which is why they're furiously fighting because he is compromised, and that's the other thing Malcolm said this report did not look at is he compromise. Which clearly the most of us have eyes and ears. The answer's yes. Yes. That's why he's furiously suing did not have his tax returns Deutsche Bank records business records revealed. And the other thing is people asked about in the Cuna about the counterintelligence section and doctors others. The other who told me, by the way, his daughter grew up on our show. Chris. That he she freaked out when he was leaving. I grew up on seventy better is that wise. Question your parenting? All right. Thank you. But the asked about the counterintelligence part, and they said, oh, no that is going. They're not always said to us that is a spy hunt. And that is not there's no way to stop that. Then it is ongoing. This is why. Southpaw tweeted, Adam Schiff is telling Chris Hayes he hasn't been getting counterintelligence updates relating to the rush investigation that they've gone dark for a year and a half. That's the other thing we need to know, what is going on America's national security, and what's happening with the twenty twenty elections. Right. Exactly. What might be compromised? Yeah. No, exactly in which states. Yeah. It's all coming out here. Now empty wheel tweeted bargain impeachment referral, and tried to treat it as something else. And that is clear in the mall report. If you read it, it is clear that he is saying the only basically similar reasons charged is because of this stupid rule, which really is dumb rule that you can't indicted sitting president for the body of everything you see in the mall report. So at any rate. Yeah. Clearly, I think he mentions congress usually twenty times it is very clear. And so I'm sure remember what how what did I say Chris couple days ago when Muller testifies, and they ask did you mean for the attorney general exonerate him? He will say no throat, and are they gonna ask them? Did you mean for congress to get the full and unredacted reports? Yes. Of course, he did. That's what they are constitutionally entitled to the thing is the reason that they're still not how what did I say when this came out? How is that stuff? Yeah. The underlying materials, what's redacted and the grand juries sharpie out. Yeah. Get another one. I'm running out. Now, the one. By golf card, by the way, say so this is a message to Democrats, Nicole. Wallace tweeted this debate about the politics of impeachment being bad for Democrats blows my mind. Imagine if beach reviewed is politically popular Debs would be accused of commencing impeachment hearings for political gain Dempsey, take politics out and do the right thing. And I would argue it's going to be great for them politically exhibit A Elizabeth Warren has rocketed up to second in the democratic rights having bright little leaguer at the plate and swing the bat. Right to walk. Right. I mean, Joe Biden still way ahead. But but interesting the Bernie has plummeted quite a few points to third, but, but that's a huge story mayor Pete and Elizabeth Warren have throw. Yeah. Elizabeth Warren is up to second leadership. That looks like I love it from her. She has to hone days and putting out like really specific policy points, which is requesting Chris that's why I've been saying she's a perfect textbook example of the walk and chew gun caucus every that I keep talking about she's showing how you do what she's putting out very detailed policy, and she's putting policy points and showing you how we're going to pay for them. Right. That's what is wanted forever. Nebulous stuff from everybody else people accusing her of doing the peace thing for politics. Like, are you kidding? I mean, first of all she doesn't really talk about it anymore unless she's asked. She just said I read the report there is no other option we have no other option here when a new nickname, polka Trump bass. Yeah. No. Oh, my God friendly Fernando Bondi. Eric Holder, humid, a repenting tweets that they wrote before this came out, right? Eric Holder had tweeted any competent public corruption prosecutor would bring obstruction charges against Trump and win. The only reason Muller did not was because of the flawed DOJ every restriction against a sitting president. He said so below congress now has a constitutional responsibility. Here it is congress and boy Republicans just hop on board. Chris van Holland just posted the audio. We just played of him lying. You can't have an attorney general at lied to congress. I mean, okay. He said we now know Mahler stated his concerns on March twenty seventh and that bar totally misled me, the congress and the public. He must resign. He's in charge of making sure laws are followed in the United States for him to not follow the laws kind of disqualifying. Yeah. Just throwing that out there. Yeah. A lie under oath to congress. Once again, man, I hope we are people are paying attention Democrats. The media is how we got here is people being a bunch of sees. Yeah. After the bar cover up in falling in line. The people that Greenwald is further stretching to the Uber left. Hashtag, right. Yeah. We just talked about before know, Malcolm was doing a whole a whole hour talk. But it just that is not a knock on Bernie or Bernie supporters that the last the Khuda gras of the Russia operation. We welcome said started. I mean. Back to the final piece of this was to target Sanders. Supporters. That's not a knock on Bernie Sanders imports. But it was the whole point of the Russian operation was to devise hurt Hillary Jeff Sessions by pool in the Bahamas. Go Pablo wrong language, anyways. I would like to have another mo- hito, please. I am glad I recused myself delicious. Kevin. I mean, you know, broke it down that it really is very simple to understand the whole Russian operation is Russia. Good Hillary, bad Trump. Good. It's very simple to understand what they started doing and long. And he said this actually started rock Obama. Oh was reelected. And what's happening? What's happening? Dress for to make okay. Yes. This did not age. Well. This was always on Fox News that Glenn Greenwald. Go on Fox News to be a few whenever this was all we heard for twenty months is Robert Miller is a man of the greatest integrity and patriotism, the idea the very idea just think about this that he would allow Bill bar to run around making false and misleading distortions about what the molar team found and not one person on the Muller team, including Bob Mueller himself would stand up and say, wait a minute. He's distorting what our findings was that is laughable xactly the conspiracy theories that led to this entire mess in the first place. Hello men. That's me having the last laugh. Bring kind of dumb. It's just too many to be relevant little Nance bashing that other. There's there's one more from you to hear it. Well, want is kind of a strong word, but okay, Rachel, Maddow, and MSNBC are the Judy. Miller's of this story except unlike Judy Miller who scapegoated for doing things her male colleague in her career destroyed. Rachel, maddow. We'll continue to make ten million dollars a year for him because she's their most valuable brand. Yes, there will be no reckoning and consequences for this story that the media will radically raise and deliberately wrong for almost three years. Now glad kept.

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