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Just an idea. Here you on the container store. Okay. So. Yes. Because e Bates I've been e Bates, and he's stood in put me on put you let me soon this. But her on a game. So as far as my weekends concerned. I too was also in organization definitely have a bunch of shit to get rid of. So last week. I had a I was on EBay hates and had the Amazon home services. So I had somebody come into a whole bunch of shitting my way, really. They got everything on there. It's like what do they do? Okay. So Mimi FOX came over your house. Malaita may have made off it on like, she always do say. But yes. And half them. They literally helped me organize a bunch of shit. They packed up a bunch of shit. They like waste removal and all that way. It's really freaky mates. Had a bunch of boxes I had to make a decision to my shoe, boxes wells. I was like where you get this. Call Amazon EBay, Amazon dot com or like, Amazon like an Amazon. You know, one two was Amazon if anybody gonna clean up your house wanting to go get the job done. Maybe she gets spinning around the kitchen. With their less. So all the way around, but yes, I was on Amazon home improvements, and I did all that shit last week. So this week I was literally trying to take everything that I wanna get rid of and like organize it, and I had them do my laundry and wash it on clean it all so I can give it all the way and make it look fresh. I know that's right. But I want to also by a bunch of shoe, cleaner and cleaner shoes that I want to get rid of that's kind. Yeah. Just doesn't really why not you know, what I'm saying like because they can do it. They motherfucking stuff. I'm giving you this. Something. Nice to do. Like, I was like it was like because you're not always thinking about Linda training. So my mind I think to myself like when I give shoes they should just be fresh for someone else. I'm not gonna take them down the buffalo. I should've taken down the buffalo change. I don't like waiting. I'll feel like I would rather just give it away. And then hopefully, the next person will be happy by these new fresh pair, whatever these are. I love hit bliss rather than go way to Buffalo's change, and then they like we gonna me to dollars. I just wait in our dollars a hundred dollars pairs, right? I don't even do the I used to go to be closet when I was younger. And then as I got older, I was like this is not there's not a trade. But that's just idea actually was a little bit of research on other places. I can donate my stuff to 'cause no shape, but goodwill Red Cross, you you know, you. No every time. I've done research so much crap comes up about all of them out of fact, the one near me that you know, the one I'm talking about 'cause it was the joy that every going to there the girl she looking at me late out keeping odyssey. Seavy give me job. He has to go somewhere feeling. You know, what that's I can't even be mad because if she takes it. I mean, clearly she's going use it. My thing is I rather somebody be using it than it just sitting in my cloudy. I was which is investing to keep it. So real to you know, what I've done before too. And this maybe just be some New York City, but like sometimes in the lobby of my building if I have stuff that's literally like brand new. I haven't even worn you know, what I mean a lot of people get it all. Beauty stuff here products. 'cause sometimes he won't accept that. You know, specially I've tried shelters and sometimes it was open ready. They're like, no which understand hygiene. They don't know. But I'll just leave it out. Put a big box just fill it up on my and. And. Out there. Take got rid of a bunch of t shirts wing year when a person in my building. And I'll never forget coming out and see my super..

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