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You know, it's so hard to know what's going to happen to the likes of Canaan. She Corey and meals round H. And I mean, you're gonna have to throw Griego Dimitrov in there when these guys, you know, the the grateful big for done are they going to be able to step up, and and suddenly gain that confidence to win majors or the young guys going to push him out of the way, there's a lot of young guys. So for me, I think the maybe at the moment, I think I'm looking at Stefanos to deposits. I don't know if you win a major in the next three four years, but I think he's a pretty safe bet on on heading to the top of the game. I think he's got pretty big game. He's got a good head on his shoulder as he he moves well for big guy. Great attitude seems to enjoy the fight enjoys a bit of area Asian in his game. Obviously Benesch up olive. But I think to me is is a safer bet than than most others at parts for maybe cut in on of. I think he's a full on workhorse. Puget game. Great attitude moves unbelievably well, and and he's got good technique in most shots. And I think he's learned to learn to manage the forehand side. So I think that's where I'm looking I think what we found out. And again, we find out all the time. But it's you have a couple of great players winning a lot of majors in one generation the generation that comes behind usually suffers when Sampras Agassi wins most of it board mackinaw wins. And then and now so I mean, it's good to have stars in the game. But they do sort of delete a lot of potential grand slam winners by being just a little bit feather and breaking their confidence down to basically nothing against them. When you when you say people always said, the same thing, boy tennis is really going to be in trouble when when federal Dahl Jovic three nor gone, but. Wouldn't you take that bet? I mean, isn't that preferable to have these four reliable? Unbelievable, generational champions. Isn't that preferable to the turn of every turnament for grabs? And we don't have these dissolved stars. I mean, I guess it is in a way. Yes. Because brings tennis to the masses, and I think people tune into Roger Federer, and obviously by now, everyone knows the place finish. But I think people tune in that are not necessarily tennis fans 'cause he's obviously transcended the sport. But I I don't know. I I look at this next the next generation as I do the generation that came after Sampras, and then, of course, Agassi hung in there longer than we thought. But you know, that was you at Andy Roddick corn colleagues for rare Omar Feen, and I mean, they all one one slams before Roger Federer once lambs, and it seemed to me that maybe Sampras and Agassi kinda had to be out of there before federal gain the confidence to to believe he can win slams. I know he beat Pete Sampras Wimbledon early on his career, but he really didn't win early as a lot of great champions did..

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