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Most of the increase risk of early death comes from an increased risk of cancer from these studies and drinking more than four times a week can also increase the risk of heart attack and stroke. We told in previous studies that drinking a beer a day or a glass of wine. A day is good for you. Well, how do we know? To believe. This is going to confuse it. This is just it is confusing. But everyone admits that this study is more and this was discussed in this paper. And it's the fact that this is much much larger study, it's more precise. It's looking more carefully. And it's it's a more powerful than the previous studies. And again is it the last word. That's a good question. But it's pretty powerful study. Yeah. But it's not the last word, it'd be the concert contradictions it come. Somebody else will come up with some reason to study something else. But the truth may be in the middle. If you if you wanna use alcohol fear health, use it as a treat. There you go. I'll tell you coming from a family of alcoholics as nothing pleasant about any the abuse of alcohol as far as I'm concerned twenty eight after the hour here on the good day health program. Callard drink contains absolutely no drugs. Absolutely. No stimulants. It is completely safe to take. Even if you're taking other medications is guaranteed or your money back. So you want to lose the way get on the program maintain UH stay on the program. Take care of things aches and pains. Stay with Calatrava. C A L O T R E N Calatrava. He get.

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