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Thursday and to say, Let's go again spank him around first time it's 605 days of Dodgers have lost three in a row. Wow, That's pretty good. And the air time today is 3 10 with the Arnell carriers inside pitch Sonny Gray against Clayton Kershaw will make it for Bring him on. Got it. 700 WLW is the aviation report with Jay Ratliff brought to you by the Greater Cincinnati Northern Kentucky International Airport on 700 wlw. All right, Jay. We have the FAA dropping some fines on people some sizable fines for disrupting flights. And this would be because they cause the flight to divert correct sometimes or if they created such a commotion on board the aircraft it actually endangered. The aircraft itself. If you had somebody that was causing a problem for an extended period of time, If you're close enough to the destination many times they'll secure the passenger and then continue and land. But the Federal Aviation Administration dropped a $31,750 fine on one passenger January, 4th jet blew it was a Haiti to Boston flight. Other past year on the same flight was fine 7 $16,050 3rd Fine handed down yesterday was for 14 5, January 14th of SkyWest flight from Yuma to Dallas Fort Worth. Well, yeah, $63,000 in fines over three passengers yesterday, FAA Federal aviation ministrations continues to say my favorite zero tolerance policy and they will continue to levy these kinds of fines and more. For passengers that warrant it, and I suspect these are going to continue for some time. So I want video of the faces of the individual when they found out the size of the fun way to pass your coming out of Las Vegas. It collected box matches and they put a bunch of in their bag and the bag caught on fire before I got on the airplane, and they were fined $25,000 for transporting hazardous materials. All they did were Collect, you know, the match match box type things and unknowingly they put the aircraft at risk. And, thankfully, the bag when it caught on fire was in the bag part not on board An aircraft. Well, miss that one. Meanwhile, Alaska Airlines showing they care by painting a plane to promote diversity. That's right. They're going to show their dedication towards that diversity by painting three of their aircraft like big billboards. Were there showing the need and their support for diversity can throw about £1000 of paint on each with various slogans and sayings for Martin Luther King and others, and you can check out what that plane looks like and more on both stories on the aviation block, which is sponsored by the Greater Cincinnati Northern Kentucky International Airport. Offering fares to Washington, D. C. Round her for $98. You can find that and more at CVG airports. Com Alright slowdowns. Today would be all the hubs of Denver, Dallas, Chicago and Boston could easily see delays approaching an hour. Get very much Jay Ratliff the time is 7 26 right now, 700 wlw. It's interesting because he the diversity has been a battle cry for a number of years, and you'll hear time and again. That's you know, diversity is good for business and things of that nature. Did you know there's absolutely no empirical truth to that? No study has ever been done. That shows that diversity is good or bad. It's not a bad thing, either. It just it just is. You know, we work here. It's we could say it's diverse because I'm probably 20 years older than Danny. So there's some divert. Does that make us better at what we do? No worse than what we do. No. It just is. It's a state of being that has never proven to be a positive or a negative. But we keep pushing for it..

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