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This is a housing U. S. troops in Iraq ahead by more than a dozen ballistic missiles in retaliation for the killing of the country's top commander because instead of money Donald trumps tweeted that orders well the rainy in foreign minister says the operation was proportionate and concluded so just a few hours later a Ukrainian Boeing seven three seven with more than a hundred seventy people on board crashed in Iran at this stage it's unclear whether the incident can be links to the around the U. S. confrontation also as Israeli because the cost of the files look from our correspondent on the damage to the flora and fauna one billion animals also fine in those files we've been to century for animals to see what the chances offer those by the dumbest is of surviving further still coming up on Newsday hello I'm just seeing green with the BBC news Iran has carried out a ballistic missile attack on a basis housing American forces in Iraq in retaliation for the U. S. killing of general Qassem Soleimani missiles launched from Iran struck two sites his all Middle East regional editor Alan Johnston Iran had sworn it would avenge the death of general Soleimani and it's retribution came in the early hours more than a dozen ballistic missiles were fired at two bases that house American troops one in an appeal in northern Iraq and one for the south the Pentagon says the damage is being assessed there's no confirmation yet of any casualties the initial response from Washington has been muted president trump tweeted that all was well and said casualties and damage will being assessed and make a statement to the White House later John Neely Kennedy a Republican senator from Louisiana says the US doesn't want to war with Iran this is not new this will be the twelfth strike by Iran against military bases in Iraq aimed at American military personnel in the past sixty days the the only difference this time is that frankly wrong to stop lying about Iran is taking credit we got to get to fax it may be I'm not saying it is but it may be this is a wrong way of saving face we don't want a war Ukrainian passenger plane has crashed shortly after taking off from Tehran killing at least a hundred and seventy passengers and crew Ukrainian authorities say there were no survivors the Ukraine international airlines Boeing seven three seven was bound for Kiev Iranian media reports say the aircraft came down due to technical problems it's unclear whether the incident is linked to the confrontation with the US one official said is a being on fire the US federal aviation regulator has bound American airline operations from flying over Iraq Iran and neighboring country is off to the latest strikes the band by the F. A. N. A. willing to the Gulf of Oman and the waters between Iran and Saudi Arabia the new band doesn't affect non US at Croft but many at lines have been following the guidance Egypt's flag carrier on Bahrain's Gulf that have suspended flights to Baghdad Filipinos in the country have been advised to evacuate by their embassy oil prices rose sharply when the Asian markets opened on Wednesday following the Iranian missile attacks prices fell back slightly later in the day Christmas wani ripples analysts had warned the action could escalate tensions in the region and affect global oil production in response to today's missile attack by Iran oil prices shot up by more than four percent before falling back slightly Asian shares have recovered some of their earlier losses but analysts say that many investors are still nervous and the choosing to sell equities and by safe assets like gold and oil the busy news the wife of the former head of randomness son colors code who skipped band in Japan last month and is now in Lebanon he said she was not involved in his escape Carol guns said she was in the Lebanese capital Beirut with her children when she was informed that a husband and fled Japan in the coming hours call us code is due to address the media for the first time since he left Japan the trial of a man accused of stabbing to death nineteen residents of a cat home for mentally disabled people has got underway in Japan to toshi remote sees lawyers say he cannot be held responsible due to his mental state at the time from Tokyo Rupert Wingfield Hayes reports Japan was deeply shocked by the killings such issue a Matthew is accused of carrying out the disabled K. home in two thousand and sixteen Mr we might suit has confessed to breaking into the cat home going from room to room stabbing dozens of residents as they slept nineteen people died another twenty six were injured some of them seriously after handing himself in to police the suspect told them he believed people with multiple disabilities should be euthanized an operation is due to begin today to call thousands of federal camels in a drought stricken region of Australia aboriginal officials in a remote part of South Australia say the creatures of been drinking too much water and depriving local people all of the precious resource scientists in Finland have created a food protein from bacteria that they believe could compete with soya within ten years the protein is made from soil bacteria that a fed with hydrogen which has been extracted from water by electricity researchers say the food could be grown with almost zero gas emissions if the actress Dey was sourced from solar or wind power it can be used as a taste free substitute for so it in a mix of food products BBC news I don't remember.

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