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Senator Lisa Murkowski, Brad Kavanagh, Chicago discussed on Terry Meiners and Company


Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski expressing reservations about supreme court nominee. Brad Kavanagh dealing with issues right now. Nominee Murkowski broke with her party today voting no on a procedural measure to move Kavanagh's nomination forward. She has said that cabin on may not be the right man for the high court quote at this time, but has not said how she will actually vote on his confirmation. Has truly been. Most. Difficult. Valuation. Decision. Ever had to make. Meanwhile, another key boat being watched democrat Joe Manson who broke with Democrats this morning to vote. Yes. On moving forward with cavenaugh. Mark Remillard, ABC news. Also breaking this hour. The jury finds a Chicago police officer guilty in the death of a teenager Jason Van Dyke. A white police officer was charged with murder in the shooting death of seventeen year old the quantum McDonnell back in two thousand fourteen Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel. Our work is a city is not done in bridging and helping build community relations between the police department and the residents of the city of Chicago video of the shooting sparked citywide protests when it was released a year after the fact he shot the black teen sixteen times a Fayette county. Judge has set the trial date for the suspects charged in the death of a US Olympians daughter fifteen year old trinity gay the daughter of Olympic sprinter. Tyson gay was shot to death in the parking lot of a Lexington. Restaurant in October twenty sixteen says Ari Taylor his son DeMarco Taylor, l'amante Williams. And devante middlebrooks will face a judge on Monday October eighth in connection to the shooting. Police stations all retailer created the environment that led to the shooting. He faces a murder shorts and several counts of wanton endangerment. The three others are each charged with wanted endangerment. In the case. The Lisa Chapman, NewsRadio eight forty W. H S a sigh of relief in a community near the Tennessee Kentucky border Kirby Wallace. A man wanted for two murders within the last week has been arrested Montgomery County sheriff John few says we can get back to a sense of normalcy. Knowing that this criminal is in custody and will face Justice for what he has not police say Wallace murdered a woman and burned down her home following a break in. He's also accused of killing a man this week while stealing his car. A Utah man is now facing federal charges for sending what police thought was rice into the president and other top officials navy veteran William Allen confessed to sending the letters. He's now facing. Five counts for sending what was later discovered to be crushed beans and the Saint James art show is underway. In old bull. Howard Rosenberg is the executive director and tells wwl kY a beautiful venue. When you think about.

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