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Yeah story number. Three Dragon UNDERDO number three. I'm liking this team. I have talked about this guy on a few different episodes. Maybe everybody just one. I don't know the back stories that I met this guy on the road and so he doesn't live in New York. You know when we do those nineteen was all about us like meeting fucking guys in the road anyway. So I'm at this kind of road super hot. I was into him. We were communicating daily texting. And things like that and I think I can't remember what episode I mentioned this on the basically I felt like the communication started taper off and then I said something about it and then he then it felt like we had a misunderstanding. He was like I kind of felt like you weren't into it anymore. Or whatever and then we had this clear the air moment and then we start talking again and then he basically kind of started to get weird again and I just ended up like I was like. Oh this I will you know. This is a pattern with you I I. I think he's got some issues like I just don't want to deal with. I know he does. I just started to feel like this guy is a lot going on and I'm not really here for it. I mean he was like all in every minute nap. Chad's face time I don't uses snapchat but whatever yeah like sex okay just left you on red stop talking. Yeah and then then I kinda put him on blast and he had a really tough week. I'm like okay too tough but you're like on instagram stories. All Week I get it. I mean everybody has their own shit going on but I just. I realize that was a pattern. I wasn't gonNA give you know it was kind of like fool me once. I give him the benefit out the first time but in this whole mix was at the point where we were talking almost daily. This was last spring. We're Miami so this was around the role that all these things avenue me for April one a month so the first story that we tell was April tills eighteen. This is April two thousand eighteen. He invited me to a wedding with him in another country on international like Caribbean wedding a Romantic beach vacation for a wet. Actually he actually. Did it have a plan to the wedding? Which is something. I wouldn't recommend if you have a destination wherever you live your truth. But he was going to be there for like a while and he was like you can come. Maybe the way was even like a weekday or it was like on Thursday or Friday. Come after I'm GONNA stay for like another week and hang out and stay with me and my like villa. Whatever and I was considering. We're on Kayak you were looking. I look I know I. I'm just so grateful that we I wasn't able to go because of our show are shows at the Bell House. Where like may I or something and you wouldn't have gotten back to back to. The show had to go through customs. There was no way Raina was like do it. Girl Lip do go do this. The plane as saying it wasn't the money wasn't so much the money but the money was bad. There's no direct flights would have been fifteen hundred bucks. This is a lot and just in case I would get delayed. It would fuck up our hours. Yeah so I just couldn't swing it like I tried going back and forth. I really did try. I was kind of picturing going on. This like sexy. Bakke with this guy. Whatever and Yeah I didn't go and then once maybe a week or two later. That's when I just. He got weird and I just kind of called it quits with him and then never looked back and then we start raining. I started deep dive. I noticed because I live for this show. I love to be like a sleuth. I noticed him and this girl kind of communicate on instagram. Then I was like I bet. He's dating that girl. I could just tell you tell everybody knows it was like. I think he's dating this girl. We pull up her instagram. We're looking at them. And then we start to realize that she went on the trip. Okay I realize it di- you okay. I just want to like myself credit. For like what an amazing like snoop I am because we saw that he geo tagged us like random beach in the middle of nowhere out and like Cova. The hotel and I saw that she posted a photo and Geo tagged the same random little beach there together and then I started deep dive 'cause rain and rain and just got very invested in this girl because she's kind of like a life coach type personal check on really flowery crazy. Woo Woo captions which is fine again. Libya truth not our brand and so we just couldn't we just like looking at him and I was like okay. Something happened because when she came back from a trip it was the post were like a little somber and they had never posted anything together ever to we will two days later. She started posting stuff. About what forgiving yourself and leaning into good experiences and then forgiving yourself when they don't go well like the play by play. She went on that trip. She went on Your Trans Am I. But the thing the thing that like rain okay. Sabrina caught it. She noticed they had basically posted the same photo of themselves on the balcony. But not together then I dug deeper and this is one of my favorite things today. He had done an instagram story that he panned like the villa and then when it got to the she was nowhere in it obviously but when it came around to the lounge chair there was a woman's beach cover up on it ended it they. He ended the INSTAGRAM story. Right is the guy to the cover women. I could tell that was a ladies cover on I. I held that was my thumb down. Screen shot at zoomed it. I was like that's a girl. Cover up like the way that they were trying to like. I wonder how he pitched that to her that she couldn't post about it. You know what I'm saying Because like you GNAWS looking yeah like. I'm pretty positive just by the vibes that we were getting via instagram. That she would have gladly posted them together. He probably out clearly told her. Like you are the second choice for this or maybe I was the second choice. Maybe she was like the fourth Choi just to be clear. There was no time in between you and this girl. I know you're thinking about going on this trip like a week before this. In April April was early. April was Miami and mid April was Philly. That was when I realized this happened and then end of April. Was this wedding. I mean this was all in late days. I mean this. I'm just saying like he didn't have time to meet another girl. Invite another girl and she. He just like cast a wide net. He's like whichever one of you is dumb enough to fall for this and then broke up with her. The J. after it happened quickly. She was posting that like heartbreak. Post I mean really post trip Jay the triple and then then we just got so obsessed and then he wasn't. He didn't like any of her photos from the trip. He liked every one of her photos. Everyone of fitness photos. He didn't like one trip photo. Sucks so much you know. He was telling her Alec Inspirational and brave. She was for over seven pages and then rain and I just started to be on her team and we were like poor girl. She's trying to start a business. She probably paid for this plane. Like I know how much was and she doesn't have this kind of money. She she thought this was going to be love and she thought she was going to be spontaneous and then get outside of her comfort zone and she got were like so on her and her team Hydra present. I checked I still check up on her half. That guy is the worst. Yeah that guy just like. I don't even like you know we talk about this with some people. He is like self-loathing type of person. You know like he's got enough going on that I'm not. He's not a good place. Now I the thing I like about you that I admire about you and I think that I am sort of like this but not nearly as much. You identify a behavior and immediate. You're like I'm not doing us. Like I believe senator tainted little while. Yeah I like my mom's very much like you are to my mom's like why would you talk to this person again? I'm just like I'm soft and like I like that. You just like you see what's going to happen and you walk away from it you don't entertain it anymore and I don't think you're mad about it or heartbroken. I think you're just like I mean it's like the sang where it has like when somebody shows you who. They are believed that they did it. And you weren't going to get mad at him or yell at him or talking about. What would the point of that band right well? This also came with age and we got this goes back to you. WanNa listen to last week's bonus episode like this is just you live and learn like this. I wasn't like this at twenty seven or whatever you know I I just see the writing on the wall. 'cause I've been through it all so yeah the first time. A guy gives you those excuses. Hopefully ladies. If you listen to podcasts. You know like you know the first time that happens to you your twenty four whatever and you're like Oh my God like we said like so brave. He's opening up to me. I can work with this and like you get to a certain age and you're like Oh this is bullshit and I don't want a part of this like I think it's you it's like true live and learn except for you. I guess the story God. No this is like not as funny as the other shows. I was like sure even tell us. It's fine I mean I think I learned some good lessons from and I do take because I liked cared about this person so much. It did stick with me harder than other wasn't such like a flip in. I don't care thing well. Yeah and that's the thing like we were talking about this before. I'm not trying to help you. But it's it's the depth with which you know somebody in a lot of this to like the Guy. Both the by stories have been with guys that we had not been intimate you know. We hadn't spent a lot of face time together. And so it's way easier to be done with you know like especially you sleep with somebody. It's way harder to cut somebody off for bad behavior like this next story. Us did not sleep together but you spent a whole lot more time together. You Knew Him. A whole more personal level like it really is the depth of the relationship. How easier able to be like okay by we. I think the longer you're with somebody the more you're like. Wow understand them on his deeper level and it's like well they understand me on a deeper level. What's wrong with me? They know me on this deep level and still don't want to be with a and I think that that's hurtful and upsetting harder to walk away from the thing. That's so interesting to me. Is like with these all these relationships bad relationships like why don't we accept so little for men? We accept things that like. We wouldn't accept from our parents and our friends and our loved ones like out here. I know you don't like why are we out of your accepting so late. All let this guy just like really dude. Absolutely so yeah. This lasted like a year and a half met him look towards the beginning of the podcast and I met him and I was like. Oh this is like my person. It is so embarrassing. I'm not going to get into how I met him. Because it'll sort of giveaway who he is but I'm going to fund the phone call with him. That was the first interaction we ever had and I was like on the phone I was like..

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