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That altitude. Knicks nine points still sitting in zero. So where I'm comfortable. The Trump administration moves to ban. Sam Corey Sam bump stocks. Called number nine. Judge orders. Notorious dear poacher to watch stamped Nick Bambi. Very good thing. Once a month. Yeah. He's a jail for deer hunter Goodwin. Judge you failed at least once a month. All right. Deliverance. Late late late to that headline number ten. Trump orders US troops to address exam Syria. Now sounds like Afghanistan is not good. Number eleven Minnesota population grows. Sam. Two point three million. Something to five point six million. That's not what we're looking for. Let me finish the headline Cory you get first crack at this. Number eleven Minnesota sort of population grows, but the state may still lose blink. The ability to tolerate Nick. Go ahead. Nick one congressional seat. Exactly what we were looking for there. We may lose that CD. I like how they buzzed in. I got the whole question. Still like. Helmet said bump, stocks headline. Number twelve Will Smith assures fans his blank will be blue Corey. Penis..

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