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Yeah brooke smith is. She's working actress. She's doing her thing. And it's all because of american girl and calling clery darling fucking bitch for leaving her in that fucking well yeah. I think we'll find a way to bring her back on this podcast. I feel like brooke smith. Darkhorse of matrons like you know who. I'm rooting for brooks. Yeah we'll find a way to bring her back on this podcast. And maybe even a cassie lemons. Maybe that could be fun to all right. So that's i think that's a fun. Investment is alright scary. Kind of dictates the movies. We're gonna talk about because they're scary but after that it's really kind of an open canvas and so you know. Maybe that's what we do. Is we look at some of our our you know maybe underrepresented matron alums and see how we can expand their catalog right. I mean we could do candyman next year. Yeah yeah and it's chicago. Which chicago i love that movie. I love that movie so much. I love the score I love janssen. yeah. I love I cannot wait to see the remake because it takes what candyman was trying to say in the nineties and now is saying in in twenty twenty. One it's i i. Yeah i just cannot wait to see a and i'm waiting for it to be rentable So and also. I don't wanna watch it alone right. So yeah yeah because rian stuff eldest who scared yeah elegance way too scared. He just hides under the blanket. Yeah yeah little tail. Yeah very sweet but anyway sound lambs. This has been really fun. This has been so fun. I- revisiting this. I was like god this movie. This fucking move is good as everybody says. It's so if you have not watch this movie in a while it is worth revisit. I can't believe how good it is and like. I also need validation. That like scott glen. I understand if no one wants to agree with mainland's and as bishop and aliens but scott glen..

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