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TV for life in the Patriot. I just because you still shot out the base again for a buck and jampacked show might go back and rewind what I missed caps on a flips UH UH veto Malaysia dumb as Cyp with the legend question. ooh The fucking the everywhere division. Why are you mad at? Why don't you question? They let me have my time that I got to tell you the same thing. He's a patron he gets. He's allowed to have his time in his question. Asks ask every single time if it bothers you access significant question or a relevant question to his behind the scene. You don't know what he's this doing nine you're talking trash about the end. Is the fourth every interview. That has made a about Andretti when you ask the fighters what you think about. Dan Rather says he's talented. He has this mature pedigree. They never say they WANNA get in the ring with hymns weren't went. Okay a contract. Billy listen okay. You don't WanNa talk about a contract was sent to do whatever we had so far. Aw crickets nothing. Don't don't act like it's easy to make fight with. PBC don't give a crap about Hoda commuting about these e Y thousand Tyson fury. Five happened was because why fatty was getting in a slob. Coming out from two years layoff you know a decision that are almost came to to bite him in the ass you know. Don't talk all that Shit. You don't even know. What could veto do me a favor? Shut the fuck up you motherfucking. UK dudes like he ain't even from UK he just loving the UK. He's always been a backer. Never said that he's a bad promote I said. Eddie gotta make an offer okay. Now Eddie has Andrei what the fuck. You doin' Trello and accent Challah. The fight all these fucking fighters light is on zone any so good but promoted you send it offers the Charles. Don't worry about eight hundred over there with the Lufkin. Why can't they unify too. Big Dumb ass out here and that's the last caller anyway. See Why p get his third call. We're GONNA give them another call. Aw since you so mad. Did he asks questions that got you fucking their age. Ain't no fucking legend and you ma- he remind you every fucking day every day and I'm going to do interviews every day so he could remind you every day so you could be mad every day and call in frustrated every fucking day. Hello in obstucted called me clown. My question veto. What would it be naming it like you? Don't call them in the name. It adds Christian. You probably now. Don't be mad at me. You Ain't nobody agreed with legislators. You don't be met up India. I paid a cough so to beat a bus. I put my money air own time and I want to be mad at me if you and if you missed show the VP with acts about Andrea. He said I want to fight condello sympathy. He did say about Solo with this imaginary offer. Why wouldn't you can talk when I asked him who are what's the facts? How about the duty offer offer a deal says the deal is legit Nixon this so-called deal that he's chunnel deal now oops thank? You played yourself up Yup so mad if any so good get them to fuck and fight right okay. He got him Billie Joe before why Banal. Why is so hard to make now got Callum Smith over there? What's wrong with that fight? Kim Can we get at least column. Johnson who the fuck in a me he ain't got nothing he gotTa Fight Luquillo you talk about. Pb you see. Ain't nobody said it was easy to make fights. Keep your ass over there and fight enough getting Canelo Alvarez. hymie Mum Ghia Era Fungi worried about Giancarlo. Four don't don't bring up. ABC Eddie can't fucking get it done has GTO instagram and twitter man. AH WE'RE GOTTA supercharge coming in from CLIFFORD FETUS CLARISA versus Leyla would look like fluid versus an Oscar Ale. We got welcome in from no no ask. It wasn't that wasn't as prom was out his prime when he fought pat one. Coming in from big banks Rodriguez Ali versus Ursus. Shields will be good to help shields cost over bring her and decide and let her flip it. 'cause they look him brain the general public out. I agree with Mexico but yet following me geographic nineteen eleven or on twitter at Grozny want to. You can follow me on Youtube at Mike Sports. They used to all the guests that came on a day. JOEPAT ullmark Murkowski in the empty. Ko Wings both. Those uh definitely appreciated those interviews man. Thank everyone in the tuned-in then don't forget you can hit the thumbs up the future president pass through the visibility show. And you don't like the questions actor own join us on Patriot dot com which lasted box. Box Invoice Nasdaq booze which has to be sure love..

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