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Using your secret and their fears. Oh, they're secret. And there. To play and their capes. A case to play a terrifying. Game of vengeance. A game that could turn deadly. Well, I want to know more about Cape fear, so fear. Is it a is it a convict out to get his revenge is should it comedy? Is it a comedy? Is it like analyze this? Oh, okay. Wait. Have you seen Cape? Fear. Lindsey. No, okay. That's why I'm asking you about it came out in nineteen Ninety-one. They are the same. I'm so sorry. Wait, hold on. Cape fear is a remake. Okay. Here we go. Here we go. Everybody wants to know what? Okay. Scenery dot was impressive. When attorney Sam Bowden Boden. Withholds evidence that would acquit violent sex offender max, Katie of rape charges max Pence fourteen years in prison. Ooh. But after Max's release knowingly. Well, here's the thing. We do it yet withholds evidence that would acquit violent sex offender. So is he gonna know if he is? Because otherwise, I don't know who to trust. Exactly. So guess who plays Sam the African lawyer? It's it's Martin Scorsese Robert deniro, Robert deniro, Robert deniro. It's like. Faster in Cape fear. He plays his own mom. Here. So then sorting Nick Nolte is is Sam how is Nick Nolte not the villain. Sorry. Who saw this and went, oh, no that poor normal man being chased. Then Robert deniro stocks and devotes his life to stuck in destroying the boat and family when practical attempts to stop max fail. Sam realizes that he must act outside the law to protect his wife and daughter in Martin Scorsese's remake of the classic nineteen. Sixty two thriller camp fear, nineteen ninety one. I think there's a porn star in it. Because her name is just savannah sounds right? We got to watch this. Okay camp. Fear shapely co EDS. Giant druid? We jar. Would won't because it is a porn. No. Thank you. Who might be IBM point. Well, let's see. What's it rated? I mean, what's your definite your personal definition of porn? It says horror romance inside Fiso. It doesn't say porn as John RIA. Okay. Do you want to hear the hyandi? I'm so porn together. Point is so embarrassing. I tried to watch. Okay. Some sorority sisters opt for camping in the woods with a handsome professor instead of a poem spring instead of a pom pom bring spring break. However there orgies into. You learn when some truths say decide they need to sacrifice to prevent the boggling at the set of the new millennium. Okay. Hope I know why. Okay. Who nine four point one stars? As camp fear. Fear. Okay. What is there? Can't fear camp fear, Amazon rotten tomatoes. Here we go. It just says this is a porn. There are no it's it's why. Why it's rated with your. What makes it not a porn? Can you want to hear yet another summary? Guess I do a clueless group of sorority sisters inadvertently triggers the apocalypse when they set out on a weekend camping trip in this unhinged. Schlock classic starring Betsy Russell and Vince van Patten when a group of beautiful young campers arrives at a secluded website that mistakenly assume alone, I'm sorry. I can't they mistakenly assume they're alone. Secluded website. There on the dark web. They mistakenly assume they're alone until a gang of medicine bikers shows up to harass and terrorize them as if that wasn't enough to ruin a relaxing weekend in the country. Misery ruin giant is soon. Constructing a moss stone in on which to commit human sacrifices, and a Lucknow's monster has abandoned his watery, home and taken to terra firma to feast on human flash. Let's just watch that instead of talking about this boring book I want to earthquakes lasers the Lumbanga. And since. Sexy starlet Michelle Bauer this weekend getaway. Maybe the last batch for humanity to we need to get Oscar back here, we have to what is the Lombardo to dance..

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