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The import rule is coming into question for the LCS and it could have some major ramifications. I'm the dreams and thoughts Esports minute from E Sports Network people unfamiliar with the import rule right now North American teams who compete in the LCS are only allowed to have to non North American residents on their roster wage rules created with the goal of building up more North American talent. So the teens weren't immediately filled with top players from other regions. Most notably Korea and China, but the last few years at League of Legends world's have shown the LCS is falling even further behind the L C K & L P L and L E C besides Cloud. Nine's Miracle run to the semifinals three years ago. No LCS team has found much success on the international stage in League of Legends competition last year. All three LTS teams were eliminated in the group stage that included the top seed from the LCS TSM who went. Oh and 6 and it's group one of them. Two teams to not win a game in the group stage according to reporting from Travis Gafford this past week. None of the Ten teams in the LCS voiced support for keeping the limit on Imports somewhat Riot to relax restrictions allowing for three or even four non-resident players on each team, but others like Cloud 9 boss Jack Etienne one of the rule removed entirely. It's a tough situation on one hand. The LCS is seeing a lot of money invested into its teams by both organizations and buy brand Partners. So not having wins on the world stage makes it harder to justify those Investments. But on the other hand North American League is already lagging behind the other major regions when it comes to Talent Development removing. The import rule would be a huge blow to aspiring North American prose with l c s teams having a backers. There's likely also concerned from teams in Europe China and Korea that they might suddenly see a lot more competition on the contract front. Not to mention all the teams with talented players that are in other regions like turkey Brazil Russia, etc. For now. It's hard for players to come over from Korea or China because they know that there's almost certainly would be a language barrier with them and their other three non-import team-mates. So being able to play with the team full of players from their region would be a lot better if teens could offer salaries and they could bring over a full 5 from the same country or who speak to same native language. That would be an easier sell for those players when it comes to poaching Talent. Then there's also the LEC to think about Europe has been quite successful in the world stage at least fanatic and G to have established themselves among the best teams in the world with consistent results year-over-year G2 Esports founder Carlos Rodriguez tweeted out today his take first off. He says the LEC and LCS generally follow the same rule set wherever possible and the changes to either League should be mutually agreed-upon, but then he also offered up an interesting alternative. Merged the League's while the Rivalry between the LEC and LCS is pretty cool l d c is taking you far away merging the League's actually be so dope. I'm here by into it as an idea. I have no idea if it's actually on the table, but Carlos is one of the most influential figures when it comes to Global League of Legends. And if he's putting it out there right has to at least be listening. That's all for some sort of the Esports minute today on the Esports chat podcast over the weekend. I talked with Darren Fletcher. He's a longtime Esports veteran. And now the CEO of repeat. G g we mainly talk about the history of Esports and how lessons from its past continue to guide its future wage. Then on the ecology Sports quick take I talked with dr. Seth Jenny the professor recently helped author a paper where he makes the argument that Esports is actually drastically undervalued because of the destination of what sports is it gets to that core question of does Esports stop at the top leagues or does it continue into ranked play if that's e Sports is all of Rights Revenue then Esports revenue office. She come around to this way of thinking and you can hear why on that show as always. I'll be back.

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