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David said, Ronnie said at 3 34. Springfield Church was partially destroyed in a fire last week. While that investigation is underway, police arrest a man who say who they say tried to burn down that same church weeks Earlier. WBZ is sherry small reports churches primarily destroyed in the inside. Dr Carolyn Curry. Avery is the pastor of the Martin Luther King Presbyterian Church in Springfield. Last Monday, The church was destroyed by fire, but the tight knit congregation is determined to Rebound were saddened by what has happened, but we are resilient church. We will go through a process of grieving and we will also go through the process of rebuilding. On Friday, Pittsfield police arrested Dutch Koval, chief of molten main, charging him with three counts of attempted arson, not for last Monday's fire, which is still under investigation. Vulture is accused of attempting to burn the church earlier in the month. Once on December 13th and two other times on December 15th so far No one has been charged in this latest fire that gutted the building. Sherry small WBZ Boston's news radio. Doctor and that he found she is taking President Trump to task for saying that covert cases across the nation are exaggerated, he told ABC is this week. The president. Words are simply not true. In many areas of the country, the hospital beds of stretched People are running out of beds running out of trained personnel who are exhausted right now, that's real. That's not fake. That's real. On NBC's Meet the press, Fauci advocated for the uniformed acceptance of public health measures like wearing a mask and social distancing. The food community has a new approach to supporting local restaurants through with pandemic, WBC's match here explains. Remember how successful the ice bucket challenge was that raising funds for a less research? The restaurant industry is hoping for a similar jolt. You know, it's typically a really slow time of year, regardless, but with everything going on, we just felt like it was a great cause to get involved with Brian Jones's VP of operations. The Lyons group who have a ton of eateries in the Boston area. They've teamed up with other big names in the food community to launch the step up to the table challenge, and it doesn't involve getting drenched with any ice water. Go out. Buy gift cards. Post them on your instagram. Post them on your Facebook. Some celebs have already got on board, including Gladys Knight, Snoop Dog and Patriots captain Matthew Slater. I will be buying gift cards to my favorite restaurants. I challenge Julian Edelman in the McCord twins to the step up to the table challenge. That's your WBZ. Austin's news radio Police in Charlton investigating an apparent murder suicide that happened last night. Police responded to a domestic disturbance after seven yesterday evening and arrived to find a man with a parent, self inflicted gunshot wounds and a woman who'd been shot as well. Names have not yet been released. Local police are still investigating. Coming up at 3 45. A group of senators, including some Republicans are calling on Congress to certify the president elects win this after a group of pup Republicans say they are challenging that victory. We've got that story coming up right now it's time for Bloomberg business. More than half of JM Smucker company's products are under the microscope and could even be headed for the chopping block unless they start pulling their weight on supermarket shelves. At the end of the day. It's simply about focus and which Franz get the resource is CEO Mark Smucker says. Like so many things, the pandemic has changed eating habits, pushing the 123 year old company to rethink everything, ensuring that we refine our portfolio so that we can focus. The resource is on those areas that we know are going to do. Deliver the most growth smoker isn't saying what brands could be cut one customer favorite that is safe uncrossed Val's, The company launched a new production line to keep up with the demand. We did build a brand new facility in Colorado outside of Denver, and we're making over three million sandwiches a day. The maker of Jif Peanut butter and Folgers coffee has already trained several big name products, including selling its Crisco business and divesting its premium pet food. Mine. I'm Jill Schneider Bloomberg Business on WBZ, Boston's news radio. At home at work.

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