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The content warning this podcast will discuss themes of violence including violence against children. Dior discretion is advised. I'm steven indoor sano and dime phoenix. Crockett and this week were circling back for an extended. Which one do i shoot view. Yes so we're talking about the doctor. Sleep movie directed by mike. Flanagan phoenix give us a little primer right. Absolutely so dr sleep which released in two thousand nineteen is Based pretty heavily on the book that we just read and covered in which a now adult danny torrance has to find a way to protect a little girl who also has the shining his psychic powers. And who is being hunted by a psychic vampire. Death cult called the true not who feed on the screams of children. Like it's fucking monsters inc. Yeah yeah the thing. That's really interesting. Conceptually about the movie is that it's not just Another stephen king adaptation. Which don't get me wrong. Love me a straight down. The line stephen king adaptation. But it tried to thread the line between being a sequel. To stephen king's novel the shining as well as stanley cube bricks iconic movie the shining and it succeeded. I think i think this movie is baffling. It doesn't make any sense and phoenix. And i are in about this now. it's incredibly well-crafted every decision they make for adaptation choices more or less correct like. I didn't see anything glaring. That i was like. Oh that's going to cause a problem or that makes this less interesting. But that doesn't mean it makes sense or is coaching or right. It's just not a particularly moving movie. It makes more or less logical sense as much as you can for a movie about psychic. Vampires and combat or whatever but it loses something of the the poignancy of the original novel as well as it doesn't quite capture the psychedelic terror of cubic shining. It's kinda like when you have leftovers for dinner. It's still good somehow like the leftovers are good. It's the most competent movie. I've ever been bored by you. Know what i mean like. That was one of the major comments. When i watched it with my class. I had a class with tony. My destroy on stephen king films during the release of this film And so we saw it as a group and a lot of people said ya. Yeah good maybe. But i was bored a lot. People also didn't understand the concept of psychic vampires and therefore were Confused they were confused because they thought that it was a pedophilia thing..

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