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And good morning on a, Tuesday, July the twenty four Handle here and the morning crew some the big stories that we're covering and our trending wildfires as, you would think with this heat wave. All over California it's big time fire season in. Yosemite the Ferguson fire is over thirty three thousand acres that's the. Big one and a horrible story out. Of Greece fifty people have already died in the. World worst wildfires to hit Greece more than a decade so. We've got plenty more to see plenty more to cover all right The latest in Donald Trump land. Happens to involve revoking the security clearances for former. Officials that are critical of President Trump truly over the issue. In Russia And he obviously does not like criticism. He fights back. A matter of fact later. On in. The actually. The next segment we'll talk about how Trump when he walks back doesn't really walk back in any case this is unprecedented White. House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders says that the president. Is looking to take away the clearances of half a dozen former senior national security and intelligence officials Well let me give you their names I, former CIA director John Brennan who nailed President Trump called him treasonous which is way way. Over the line former FBI director James Comey? Komo's, already lost his clearance Michael Hayden. Former CIA director national security adviser Susan Rice remember her former. Director of national intelligence James Clapper who also, is hugely anti-trump matter of fact I wrote a, book and I think we interviewed him. Former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe who was fired by the way Komi McCabe no, longer have their security clearances and why is this such a big deal. Well first of. All it is unprecedented the. President does. Have the. Power to take away security clearances he has the power to grant security clearances even for, people who should not have security clearances Is And he can take them away what he gives us he taken take. Away I think that's actually in the, statute but here's wise important for these people to keep their security. Clearances you would think, that, okay they're. Done they're. Finished security clearance is no longer necessary or valuable. Dough. Absolutely that's not true unless someone leaves office and never has anything to do with the government again and not talking about a position with the. Government I'm talking, about for, example former a former CIA. Director let me give you an. Example. Okay former CIA CIA director is contacted by the, curtains, curtains, curtains Cur- current CIA director as to something that is going on in the world and wanted to know how did you handle it or what was the information you had or how where did you get Get that information who's involved who in government on the other side still has connections well without the clearance the former director can't even be contacted so his expertise or her expertise can't be used Nothing can be. Shared see there are practical reasons for these former intelligence officials to keep their security clearance and the way that. It's, being done now, is not for any reason other than. Just a personal vendetta there is no other reason You attack me I attack. You twice I hit. You, back twice as hard and the president where he does have power uses it for example the legislators who are attacking him hitting him strong there's not much you can do about it. Other than tweet about it But when it comes to people that work for the. Government that, had these security clearances he can do something about. It and he did so what's the rationale well Sarah Huckabee Sanders said And I'm going to quote the president is exploring the mechanisms to remove security clearances because they politicized and. In some cases monetize talking about the individuals monetize their public service and security clearances making baseless accusations of improper conduct. With Russia were being influenced. By Russia against the president is extremely inappropriate and the fact that people with security clearances are making these baseless charges provides inappropriate legitimacy to accusations with zero evidence so here's what's, being completed, and that is you have a former official who is ripping into the president, for, whatever reason doesn't like the way the. Trump administration is going does like the philosophy things that for example foreign relations are falling, in the toilet doesn't like what he did with. Putin whatever and totally? Ignores, the validity of keeping Security clearances..

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