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Fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percents or more areas of fog this morning. It ends up mostly cloudy for much of the day could see sunshine breaking through this afternoon. But it does remain mild. A high of seventy four chillier tonight with patchy clouds, forty eight degrees. From the weather center. I'm meteorologist Courtney spe. Seven forty six and Alan is downtown. Good morning. Allen. Hey, guys. I've got something maybe a little bit all over the place. But it's it's not that all over the place. Everybody's surprised this morning about the the the bohemian rhapsody winning that movie cut it poli out of left field. And I was surprised last night. But then as I thought about it. I'm not surprised you got two things going on with a bohemian rhapsody. The first is it's a very Hollywood friendly story. It's the story of a closeted gay artists who for whatever reason. And I I haven't seen the movie, but I I know the story of Queen story of Freddie, Mercury. And I know they talk about it in the movie for whatever reason, Freddie, Mercury was closeted is whole live. And you know, it was only the ever came out. It was known that he had aids. And then after he was dead. It kind of came out that you know, he was he was gay. Or maybe by. Anyway. Mercury's a gay icon queens, become so much more. Prominent I think in regard regarded as a great rock band than when they were originally out there performing, well, the second thing that's going on is kind of Hollywood politics movie was produced and was originally going to be directed by Bryan singer. And everybody knows Brian seniors movie. If they don't know what name he he did the usual suspects, and you did the original X men movie. I'll just throw out there that the usual suspects. Kevin Spacey was of the movie that may Kevin Spacey's career Spacey's confidante, not good friend. Ryan Sayer O'Brien singers gay. He's very out about it. In the metoo stuff. Bryan singer was kinda smeared. There were a lot of allegations about him harassing underage Hollywood actors. No one's ever really charged him with anything. Sure. To direct siemian rhapsody, and they bumped down because of the controversy. He still has a producer's credit. He's still chocolate. That's best picture from golden club. I think it's the way of throwing an olive branch at Bryan singer, who's the popular well-connected producer and director in Hollywood and say, you know, we're sorry about all this stuff. There is a documentary about Bryan singer that you can watch online called an open secret that kinda discusses the efforts to smear him and kind of bring him into this open this me to type stuff, but as of this time, nobody's like charge him with anything. I think they feel bad about all the bad press. And this guy may never direct a major Hollywood picture again. Interesting. Wow. Interesting backstory. Spiracy..

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