FBI, John Solomon, Greg Jarrett discussed on Sean Hannity


We got so much more to get to we're gonna hold over Greg Jarrett and John Solomon into the next hour. One other thing that we've got to get to in all of this. We have now other revelations that have come out with everything that's ban going on with prac- Kavanagh that the FBI make it more clear now than ever before that Hillary Clinton really through. What is just she's up to our eyeballs in everything being the sole instigator of the entire Russia gate scandal, not only paying for the dossier. And there was a great piece by John Solomon last week and investor's business daily. Also, laying out all the evidence a chilling indictment of how this political criminal not only managed to escape indictment. But was somehow able to weaponize the FBI and the DOJ all to destroy a duly elected president President Trump and last week. The of course, we have the FBI general counsel Baker reporting directly to former FBI director Komi telling congressional investigators that an attorney from Perkins. Cohee law firm, heave him materials. Remember? The law firm that she funnel money to about Russian election interference during the two thousand sixteen presidential campaign. The stunning revelation since it directly contradicts the Justice department and the FBI officials sworn testimony. All right. We'll take a break. We'll come back more with Gregg Jarrett. John solomon. This is the biggest abuse of power in history. Got to get this an understand how deep this goes. We'll continue on the other side. Florida panhandle is bracing for hurricane. Michael now expected to become a category. Four storm makes landfall Wednesday afternoon. Correspondent Miguel Marquez us in Santa Rosa beach. Almost not a drop of gasoline to be had in Panama City, just east.

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