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Least Bonnie, maybe she'll be like kind of catalyst for this. But she seems like the one who's like, I don't know why. Well, she has the heaviest burden to bear killed man. Yeah. It's a big deal now nothing is not nothing. It's not especially since she came out of nowhere. Did it book? I've been reading she. She has much more of a character arc. So it makes more sense, why she would be involved in this now that I have enough distance from both things. I'm seeing that are they kind of transposing the character arc from the book into season two does it seem like I don't really know yet. Okay. It's not enough of the season for me to really make judgment on that. She does seem kind of out of left field with the murder in the show versus how she's portrayed in the book. Okay. We'll see see where that goes binds parents are going to be characters in season two. Oh, so maybe there's, they're going to dig deeper into into Bonnie. We'll, we'll get into her in a little bit through through Madel in, even though this character is, is most directly connected to Celeste, and we'll talk about Celeste in a moment, think, Madeline leads us really nicely into just like let's stop bearing the le-. Let's talk about Meryl Streep. Mary Lou e Mary effing. Louise, mary. Louise Wright is the character that Meryl Streep is playing, and I'm so happy that we have seven full weeks of this character. What, what an instantly? Nomination. Oh, yeah. I think probably, I would guess a locked up an EMMY win for Maryland. Right. Meryl Streep market down everyone. I think I would I mean I don't know who competes. I don't know who competes when you've got Meryl Streep putting in fake teeth. I know to align herself, and maybe you didn't notice this brevity on herself to align herself very we's as played by Meryl Streep Meryl Streep is is has fake teeth to play this character. And I noticed instantly that something something unusual was happening with Meryl Streep's mouth that doesn't look like Meryl Streep's mouth, something is different here. And it turns out that she is wearing fake teeth for the part of Mary Louise this year. There's an article on Volker today that dives into that a little bit more and it was her decision. It was a Meryl Streep choice that she wanted her teeth to more closely visit line without Zander, scars. Yards so that she looks away. Perry's mother. And that's, that's true, dedication, right. Then ultra article is written hilariously either way. It's very funny read. And it does a lot of going back and forth between like gifts of Alexander Skarsgard, as Perry and Meryl Streep as Mary, Lou really wants Dylan to come into this. I mean, that would be incredible stone scars problem with still in scars guard as he can't do a great American accents. He's fine. That doesn't have to be American. I guess that's true because he could just be stone, scars he'd be like came over from Sweden. Why am I like even what universe in my living in where I'm trying to pooh-pooh, more stone Skarsgard? Yeah. Practically live in a glass house. How could glass house indeed Chernobyl just ended stone guard? He's, he's tied into the HBO family. I would be it'd be thrilled maybe season three let's just keep meeting. Is any power over still in scars guard or any other Swedish actors, Robin note to HBO. If you have the stone Skarsgard charm voodoo doll. And I know one of you does I want you to, to March that Rudol into HBO headquarters and demand a meeting and get him into the room, and then everything will fall into place beyond that Meryl Streep fake teeth to look more, like Alexander Skarsgard gonna win an EMMY that's an EMMY winning decision and his commitment. Yeah. I mean it's impressive. So let's talk about her. Let's talk about her chilling in how freaky issue and it's a, it's a, it's a very, funnily written article it's very I laughed a lot reading it. But there was there was a great point that it that it stressed in, in that Volcker piece that talks about, like, you know, beyond the utility of making mary-louise, look more like Perry's mother, and I think like that's a little bit debatable. I don't know how much of a job it's accomplished there. It is giving you some strange distance from this icon ick. Actor that you're, you know, Meryl Streep so well. And you've seen her in a thousand different things, and she's so recognizable. You know, she is one of the most famous human beings on the planet, one of the most accomplished, and gifted performers of our lives. And she's, she's dropped into this character and just like something a little bit off something a little bit different something, a little lake there was this sort of as the volt trapeze, 'cause it like this uncanny valley quality about her because you're like something's wrong with her mouth like that doesn't look like Meryl Streep, and I think it does in that regard. I think it does a highly effective job of absorbing you into the work that she is doing this character. Attling that always happens with her where she she melts into whatever she does, what makes her so good. Yes. So she's fully melted into the role of Mary Louise, who we see very quickly. Like she's I interacting with Celeste, like, she's, she's there when Celeste is having nightmares, and she's really at her side. She's defending Celeste in the car ride. With the boys, the boys are not treating their mother. Respectfully, so it's sending all of us up to be like, what a great support system. She has now it's like the first tube. Billy great screams from Mary Louise, she's screaming and defense of Celeste, she talks about how fine young gentlemen, started fine, young boys, a great lesson, take heed, but you get to get to see her fangs literally in the in the form of like you really start to notice the teeth. But you really get to see the fangs when she opens her mouth and goes, and you really get to see her chewing on scenery as she as she as she is sipping some. Coffee at the cafe, where Madeleine and Celeste are both going after drop off, and it's the first exchange of assume, many, but tween Mary, Louise, and Madeleine who they must've PAT's must have crossed the funeral but they don't know each other terribly. Well and gloves off right away. But in that passive aggressive way. That's so much fun where Mary Louise. She says very short, but I don't I don't mean that in a negative negative way. But maybe I do like she's like immediately dismissing nice. It's great. Yeah. It's so great because Reese Witherspoon is incredible. And I think an underrated actress I think that she's, she's, she's obviously icon IQ and she's super fun in most things that she's in. But I think often like, we underrate just how super talented she is. And to see her in this role with her brand of energy, going up against Meryl Streep as Mary Louise. It's really, really combustible. Yeah, I agree. I agree Superfund to see the two of them like little lenses that she's like snooty ING over everything. Everything about her aesthetic is awesome, just like the short haircut glasses the way that she her posture yet. The teeth. Yeah. You feel tremendous judgment just being in the same room watching her. Yeah. And you're not even seen by her. You know what I mean? Like I- mmediately, it's like a chill in the air. She has a line later in their second scene of the episode when she is going to, to look at real estate, and she's at the same real estate agency that Madeleine works at, and she kind of apologizes like it's a very old. Apology, non apology for the way that she treated her earlier in the episode and talks about how Madeline reminds her of an old friend from boarding school who was trustworthy, and had like this, like, false pretense about her, and she said, and you've just remind me of her so much. Yes. Brutal. Well, I have to sell you the dinner seeing with Celestin the boys where she feels like screaming. Yes. That's what locked me an where I was like, okay, this is going to be great. Yes. And I almost feel as though the director, new to where she was like, no. This is how we're gonna really usher everybody. I think everybody knew it was going to be great when they walked in Meryl Streep. Well, yeah, but, like, that's what really got me. I just I lose my mind over this quote, when she's talking about how little boys miss their fathers and all these other little boys, like have their fathers, but nobody ever sort of measures up to what Perry was, and then she talks about being among her peers and how all of them have sons, she goes, I felt so angry angry that they're mediocre. Second rate pudgy balding middle management sons are still Perry. I wanted to scream, so you know what I did. I did scree on here. Oh, god. Don't do it. No. Okay. I already got it out last night at the center like seriously. How chilling is that? Very so good. I don't know. I don't I don't know where it's going to go. 'cause like I, I can't like I don't think that they can. I don't know what the what the violent future of big little lies, is, you know, this isn't a violent show. It's, it's a secretive, like violent sort of undertone. You know what I mean? There's a lot of violence in the relationship between parents, less than that was always really, really harrowing, because it was so like it felt like so far away from the facade, that's put on by so many of these other characters to imagine that, that's probably something very Louise taken on or had you do. I mean listen. You can't just say automatically Perry was abusive. So he comes from abusive parents, we don't know that you can't make a blanket statement like that. But it makes you wonder where did he come from? Right. And so we're seeing that at the very least like she is, she's very emotionally intense to the point. Of being emotionally in verbally abusive in this very sharp snide way towards Madeline. And you wonder what she is grooming Celeste towards because is having murdering someone having these nightmares and Celeste, the final scene of the episode is went Celeste has that has that nightmare. And she, you know, she lurches. I'll kill you kill you. And Mary Louise comes into reassure her in the final line, so great. So who we planning to kill, you know, and I don't think means that is all right? Let's go kill someone. But I think she's, she's trying to dig into this sleep. Talk that Celestis having. Yeah. Which is makes sense. Yeah. All right. So let's talk about Celeste Nicole Kidman back for season two. Of course, she is, she's sands Perry, but not quite I mean, Perry is dead. Alexander Skarsgard, obviously still a part of the cast, obviously still filming new material for the show and Celeste is, is not far away at all from, at the very least the ghost of this, man..

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