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Right. As we continue with Steve Moore and Chuck before with us. It's only a little over two years now when we can go back and compared to the Obama administration policies and spread the wealth around and you didn't build that. And you know, what are we end up with thirteen million more Americans on food stamps, eight million more in poverty. Now, we have more than a million jobs available than we have people on unemployment an incredible. Environment for people to build their careers change careers make more money get better benefits. It's a great opportunity now businesses now are investing more in in American cities and towns in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Alabama, Wisconsin Michigan. And they'll just I I'm just not sure what they think if we take away oil and gas, and we take away cars and planes and cows, and we promise everybody everything's going to be free. And the first estimate is as high as ninety four trillion for the new green deal. What happens to the economy, then Chuck? Well, let me tell you one area where I think I actually agree with a Representative ocasio Cortez. She warned about big government working with big business. Let me add big labor to that. And say, yes, I agree. There crony corporatism doesn't work things like Celinda the Representative from New York. The freshman is espousing what's known as a labor theory of value that is from Marxist theory. She doesn't believe the capital money. The people who invested the people who manage it. The people who are leaders who create businesses. She doesn't believe that they have value. But let's look at manufacturing in the last twenty six months, the first twenty six months under Trump the last twenty six months under Obama, the bureau labor statistics came out with their new data last Friday, and we see that under Trump manufacturers are adding about three hundred ninety nine percent more jobs in manufacturing under Trump than under Obama. And what to me is striking. Sean is if you compare a federal state and local government jobs. Many of them are regulators the people who create red tape Obama's last twenty six months, they grew at about three hundred and three percent more than manufacturing. So government was growing faster than manufacturing. You can't sustain it. You can't pay for that. So Trump under Trump manufacturing was growing one hundred sixty eight percent more than government. All right. I wanna thank you both Steve Moore and Chuck devore. But if you think this is not real well look at the poll, I mentioned earlier. All right, guys. Thank you, eight hundred nine four one Sean toll-free telephone number when we come back. The ranking member that showed a lot of courage last week. Doug Collins, Georgia. By releasing the Bruce or transcripts and all that we learn from them. That's coming up and much more straight ahead. You are listening to the best of the Sean Hannity show and stay tuned more memorable.

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