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Based it on a real power struggle in the Chinese government, but it takes place in the past. I don't comment on the current regime. So who knows? But clearly, as I said at the beginning, any story involving an American aiding the defection of the Chinese military leader probably isn't looked on kindly, but the Chinese government doesn't come after me anytime soon. You have a great gift for understatement. I daresay. Your thoughts about nationalism in China today, for example, I can not only that we had, of course, this threat to shoot down the jet carrying the House speaker. But do you go back a few years and I can remember when there was another flare up over Taiwan and a Chinese general at the time openly speculated in the media that he didn't think the United States would be interested in having a missile lobbed into Los Angeles. I mean, this kind of rhetoric is really not that new. Yes. At the risk of founding academic and going on a little too long, I'll try to share my views which are a little nuanced. And I admit I'm a little coming up on a break here. So rather than get you started and then interrupt you. Why don't we come right out of the break and get right into all of that nuance and all and hear it in one chunk instead of hearing it interrupted. Scott space our guest, again, he's the author of the book China hand. It is a novel inspired by actual events, a thriller, and it is all of that. It's published by post hill press. Our number is one 8 6 6 5 O Jimbo, one 8 6 6 5 O 5 four 6 two 6. And this thing is closer to real life than maybe many of us would like it to be. More to come, one 8 6 6 5 O Jimbo and the Jimbo head and Joe with scotch space, the author of China hand will be back in just a moment. Subscribe to

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