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Moment means different things for different people especially if you are an Angelino for me it made me think of immediately Magic Johnson as far as how the city responded I remember it like it was yesterday I remember the disbelief and the sorrow like it was yesterday and magic did not even die but I remember at least the initial shock in life no and we didn't have social media we all had to watch it at the same time because we didn't know what he was going to announce so we all found out at the exact same time for me when when this news came across when I got your message this morning I had not seen the news yet and after talking to you this sinking feeling was in the pit of my stomach that's only reminiscent to the day that I was at the radio station the ninety two point three the beat and we got the news that Tupac had died in Vegas there a lot of lot of things that you're there LA icons there are people that have this place in our life for our lives which speak to us as we were growing up or have a disproportionate influence in our formation of our personalities in our views on life and we remember where we were I remember I was I was just sitting in shocking from my TV at home watching the Magic Johnson press conference and I didn't have a cell phone time because cell phones when the thing back in nineteen ninety one so you couldn't readily reach out to talk to people under them land lines but you couldn't get an instant of response from people the people were hurt to get in and similar instances they went down to them the form and so forth to let their emotions out and while you make mention of two pocket and Eric makes mention of Nipsey Hussle but the common thread through all of that is these are people that are near and dear to Los Angeles separately Los Angeles has a very specific relationship with people it who the M. breaks we call their own yeah and Kobe Bryant may have been born in Philadelphia raised in Italy but he was still Los Angeles is owned and that has a different level significance for people because if you call LA your home then by extension Kobe was a part of that whether you are a basketball fan or not like for example there plenty of people who are not basketball fans but they know who Kobe Bryant was yeah yeah Alicia keys started off the Grammy's tonight by saying we're in the house that Kobe built hello that's the staples center and you have thousands of people who are outside the staples center right now you have thousands of people inside the staples center right now ostensibly for the Grammys and this is something which is not awfully talked about there is a closeness and synergy I know you that no this to wallow between the music industry and the NBA they almost like partner industries in many ways yeah you have the people or the NBA they hang out with the music industry any of the music industry they hang out with the ballers and it's almost like it's the same family there's the saying rappers wanna be ballers and ballers wannabe rappers and that's funny because when I first met Kobe Bryant even outside of him playing basketball was when I was the music director at the beach wait I want you to tell us store when we come back okay you got to sit down and listen to his music yes Sir KFI am six forty o'kelly we're live everywhere on the I heart radio app Michael should pay with the news hearing today Lakers great Colby Bryant has been killed along with his thirteen year old daughter geon are when the helicopter they were in crashed in Calabasas at least seven other people were killed in that crash about ten this morning Brian and his daughter and several other people were headed to the mambo sports.

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