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US Southern border. Learn more at Elbit America dot com slash m d m Jack Taylor. W T o p. TRAFFIC Stanford Has our storm team 44 Day forecast A bike and good morning Joan Falls about hour away from us and rolls in at 9 30 this morning with another beautiful day. Sunny skies, pleasant temperatures, low humidity. Guys later this afternoon Upper 62 lower seventies tonight Clear and cool, but not as cold as it has been. No more frost advisories. Those would be in the middle for 47 exploded mid fifties closer into the district right department saying that mostly sunny it'll be warmer tomorrow. Does it mention all morning with a westerly when we may start to see a little bit of that smoke come back into the region from those Western wildfires. So Missy, a milky cast to the sky Wednesday after Highsmith seventies alone eighties. Partly to mostly cloudy on Thursday, the humidity will started tick up high summer seventies, lower eighties and then partly sunny on high is to be in the mid to upper 70. This chance of rain will come Saturday. You have been with the remnants of Tropical Storm Beta 31 unwarranted right now can springs 49, Leesburg, 37 Jonah bruised for 50, a Reagan national and, like 48 Degrees and Friendship Heights now brought to you by new look home design Right now Save 50% on all roofing materials at a 21 will. We are enjoying a pretty nice stretch of dry weather. But it wasn't long ago, The region was hit with torrential summer storms and the aftermath of the flooding. There could keep some of the roads closed well into next year, the damage from flash flooding keeping Temple Hill Road and Clinton closed. Next summer, a bridge a TPI branch will need to be completely rebuilt. The Maryland Department of Transportation still dealing with several washouts from CCS in Mechanicsville repairs to brew five. ST Clement's Creek underway could be completed by early October. But roots six that Persimmon Creek will likely stay closed for much longer. The Virginia Department of Transportation says Joplin wrote Quantico Creek will be closed long term. In the National Park Service as a part of beach driving your pierce mill gouged out by Rock.

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