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Support for this npr podcast and the following message come from trans union your credit health is so much more than a score that's why they help you stay on top of it protected and understand it get your report and more at trans union dot com slash npr well as i with jesse thorn is a production of maximum fund dot org and is distributed by npr it's bullseye jesse thorn laurie come martin is a stand up comedian she writes on conan she was on the road when she got the call that her dad was really really sick things weren't looking good she got on a plane to took time off of work she did everything that adult children are supposed to do in those situations but even as his health got worse she started to realize sometimes even when you're staring death right in the eye funny stuff can happen i have we have this one piece of hospice video where my sister is sitting with my sister and i are sitting my dad and she asked my dad you know what what do you want your grandchildren to know you know and my dad was sort of a you know i look at that video i'm like did he just realize then that he's dying it was very it was very awkward and yet we wanted to hear what he had to say and then he was about to talk and it was hard for him to talk and then my mom just burst into the frame and starts picking up like a candy wrapper that's on the ground in front of my dad on the carpet and she just ruins it bullseye.

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